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I'm Firefly or Connor, whatever. Nonbinary, they/them. Asexual.

Pfff What do i put here.

I don't know anything about myself.

See, on Fanfiction they put the fandoms they're in and what ships they like. I guess I'll do something similar.

I'm not gonna say I was inspired by a single author, because I wasn't. Heck, I wasn't inspired by an author at all. I always loved to create lives in my head; Characters, worlds, history. It was something I loved to do. So I aspire to become an author, or better yet a writer and illistrator of graphic novels.

I've got accounts on other sites, too!

Fanfiction - Same as this, actually.

Tumblr - Charamate

Paigeeworld - Superdorkishere

And a few more.

I love Youtube, it being one of the few things I can count on when I'm bored. Rooster Teeth, Dan and Phil, Cry, Kpopp, Lush, Crit1kal, and all that smooth jazz. I feel like I'm one of the few people that don't like Pewdiepie all that much. It's not that I don't like him, but his fandom itself - Although, I'm more of a fan of subtle humor than screaming and curse words.

I love to find humor in dark situations, which you'll find a lot of in any story I write.

That is all. Bye bye I'm sorry if this was waaay too serious I'm actually a really fun person when talked to I promise.

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Stockholm - Rewrite
Back in 2014, I published a story called Stockholm. Funny thing is, I wrote two chapters before dropping it. I'm hoping to change that. / Slash, gays being gay. Because why not? Not really though, Stockholm Syndrome shouldn't be romanticized, this is purely a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously. Rating may change
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 831 - Published: 5/28/2016
Stockholm reviews
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