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Hi my name is Brianna I also go by Neko NightLover which is my signature name/nickname (mainly because it sounds cool and neko in Japanese means cat XD PS I am not Japanese I just love anime manga and their culture) anyways im not a professional writer but I've been writing fictional and non fictional stories ever since I was in first grade PS im in 11th grade so I am and do act mature (typically im told I act more mature then most people my age) I've been in multiple writing side classes because I enjoy writing so much my main type of writing I love to do is poetry and I don't mean poetry as in happy go lucky meaningless poetry that people do without any thought in (I say this because some people I've had in my classes who wrote poetry for an assignment was so horrible and childish it made me wonder how they made it to 11th grade its that bad the teacher made the students do corrections or the other students I almost cried because I had so many corrections to make on the persons paper I got ) so my teacher told me about this site and said that I should post some of my work and see how many others enjoy my works of writing because she thinks I have great skills and abilities in writing and she wants me to think about majoring in collage in writing and since I don't believe im that great she says posting them on here should prove me wrong and boost my confidence in myself as a writer

now here are the types of things I write

I write different types of poetry, stories, plays, short stories, essays, biographical novels, fictional biography, historical fiction, horror, mainstream fiction, mystery, psychological novel, romantic suspense and just romantic novels, thriller, satire, tragedy

that's all that I can think of that I can do in professional/technical terms

I love to write sad/depressing, hurt/comfort, psychological, mental state, emotional, deep meaningful life topics, and inspirational and things that make people who are: in a dark place or maybe just down or have given up on themselves or life have hope again make them feel comforted make them know they aren't alone and if they are sure that no one else is that they know im there im listening to them I understand them I wont give up on them I wont judge them or diagnose them like im there doctor or anyone else im just me im here for them and not someone else im here to help and im here to show the world what happens in the lives that others cause pain to I may seem so emo and whatever else you want to call me but this is the truth I've gone through most of the things I write but im better now because I met a few people in my life who opened my eyes and gave me the hope I have today and im now here to do the same for others because I may be better now but ill never forget the pain and ill never not understand

well that's me and my writing for you I hope you enjoy my writings and im also open to criticism (not trolling or flamers though because we got to keep this a somewhat friendly place please) THANK YOU FOR READING XD

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Do you like my mask its very pretty isn't it ... hope you enjoy please leave a review I love feedback and criticism XD
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