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About: I am a non-profit writer who enjoys the craft of telling stories!

Personal Project: I have been working on a massive writing project that I started back when I was 17! I'm a huge (and classic) Star Wars fan and was inspired to create my own fictional universe that is part of what I call the Science Fantasy genre (a mixture of science and fantasy!) Basically it is about various characters who have adventures in different time periods of the same galaxy, or in a completely different galaxy! The reason you do not see this posted/listed in my stories is because it is a mature series. It contains content that are not suitable for kids! Young Adults and Up, depending on how each person can handle: graphic imagery, violence, sex/sexual themes, dark/depressive settings... I have a very diverse universe with all kinds of unique characters which include straight, gay, bi, agender/non-binary...various types of cultures and ways of life. I've balanced it out all nicely and have worked and studied/researched a myriad of subjects to write everything to be the best! (If curious I've studied: Astronomy, Psychology, Mathematics, Linguistics, Grammar, Literature, Society/Cultures, History, Sciences, Technology, Mythology, Astrology, Philosophy... anything that can be of value and help me write better and make things realistic I research and learn what I need.)

Important: There is one last thing - I suffer from Dyslexia, which causes me to not see errors and mistakes. It's improved since I was a kid and I go through everything I write over a dozen times, but someone still finds mistakes! If this and the mature content doesn't bother you, send me a message and I'd love to share my writing. (You can get a sense of my writing style by reading the small pieces I have posted here.)


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