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Hai! call me Mystic or Panda if you want :3 Pandalicious or Mystilicious

My birthday is on March 26 i'm only 15

I made this account just to create my own stories you know?

I have a FanFiction account is called PandaLuver14 just to let you know that.

There some stories that my friend made me do so those character is not mine.

I wish my stories could be in a book thought but that will stay as a dream for now. :D

About me: well i like snack alot and icecream,bazuka (you may think im creepy now..) i live in Puerto Rico and yes i do know spanish and little japanese hehehehe :3 well i just hope you like my story if i didnt complete a story or something like that im on break... ;) and im no single anymore hehehehe and i like predator (from predator and alien)

If theres stories that I didn't complete it means that I gave up on it or i'm in FanFiction writing others story.

I may not have talent to write in english because is my second language, I speak spanish. :P

Things i dont like: cocky people, pervet, ,bullys, annoying, deception, evil, spicy food, haters of tekken, volcanoes, aliens (from predator and aliens) drama (like twilight i hate that movie) the number of 4 (number of bad luck hehehe) guns (remember i like bazuka only. guns is my weakness) yellow rice ( i like white rice) liers sometimes salmon and yuri.

What i do when im really bored:

Draw ( I'm really bad at drawing so i practice )

Play video games on PC

Play video games in PS3

Play Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 in Wii

Read Creepypastas ( Sometimes O.O )

Write Stories

Watching picture of kitten on Google

Read stories in here ( DUH )

Go to Tumblr

Watch PewDiePie on Youtube ( Admit it his very funny )

Watch TV while im eating delicious cookies ( Oreos )

Sing Let it go ( Oh you know where it from... )

Listened to music on Youtube

Read lemon on Fanfiction ( Well... I have no excuse for this )

Make people laugh.

Characters that I will use in my story:

Some character may not be mine it my friends characters, I was thinking to do a story but I don't know if theres people gonna read it but I do it anyway hehehehe. But if you wanna know my character but there mostly animals... But theres human also! XD

Ayumi Shion: Ayumi Shion is a japanese girl who loves to study and hang out with her friend she can be tsundere around her crush alot. Shes 15 year old and her hobbys are cooking, study, writing and tecnology. She knows how to speak japanese, english and spanish.

Eren Thompson: Eren Thompson is a 25 year old his a single father and a have a son name Len Thompson. His hobby are read book, draw, tecnology, sports. He loves his son more than anything, He have bad luck looking for jobs to earn money.

Anonymous: His job is to finish people lives, Theres no many information about him but we only that he have list to kill people or make them suicide.

Morishige: Even thought his name is japanese his american. His 18 who goes to find out whos the anonymous who been killing people and that his job. People may dislike him for jealously, His nice and always will help others whos innocent.

Gloomy Bear: His a 21 year old bear who have been adopted by a human named Pitty when he was a cub but when he grow up he accidentilly eat Pitty. Now he live in a forest he loves to kill, eat, have friend and tacos.

Panda: Shes a 15 girl who have a ability to transform as a Panda that why everyone calls her that since she didn't have a name when she came to earth. She likes snacks mostly Doritos she have a twin sister name Mystic she wishes to get along with her but Mystic don't want to. Shes more cheerful and a happy person than Mystic.

Mystic: Shes a 15 girl who have powers like teleporting, put herself invisible and trows fire. She can do spell in her magic book. She hates everything and love to see people in pain. She have a twin sister name Panda she hate her and want to kill her. Sometimes she can be depressed and a evil person than Panda.

And I didn't mention all of my character so yeah we're cool right.

Ok this is my another profiles from different thingys ok? :3

FanFiction: PandaLuver14

PS3: MysticMoon ( I don't have internet but still play )

Tumblr: ask-gloomybear

Warning: i kinda have bad grammar also this page have bad grammar too hehehehehehe...

Have a nice day sir or mam ;)

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One Shot. Panda finally gonna meet her sister Mystic thanks to Eren but didn't go as she expected. Sorry if theres error or anything I was in a hurry ok? o.o rated T
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Gloomy,Fluffy,Daddles,Growler,Marx,Sunbeam,Stardust,Mima,Magolor,Cozy and Antasma they all went to a elementery school Heavinly Host. They heard that was hunted but they all trap they cant get out or escape. will they come out alive? will nobody die? Rated M for blood,gore,language,violence and yaoi. Enjoy!
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one shot this is how growler meet monica for the first time do they end up together? find out! :) sorry if it short...
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Fluffy Untold Story
oneshot this is fluffy past this is how fluffys dad die and how growler and him cant get along well this explains everything people find out why? yeah i dont own fluffy. my friend own fluffy :P but enjoy the story anyway :3
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