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Hiii!! call me Mystic or Panda if you want :3 pandalicious or mystilicious

Growler: or youre real name

shhhhh growler!!

Growler: did you just ''shhhhh'' me?

im 14 years old in march 26 im going to be 15, please ignore growler ;)

Fluffy: thats right poyo!

hehehehe.. now let talk about the character :D ( some of the character i dont own ok? )

Gloomy: His a pink bear who just to live in the box when he was a cub, now he lives in a tree. his 19 years old his best friend with Daddles and everyone else. when he was a cub he was adopted by a human named Pitty but when Gloomy grow up he kill/eat him nobody knows this onlyAyumi he kinda have a rival with Growler because he almost eat Fluffys son Scotty his very friendly,awkward and sometimes creepy

Ayumi: also known asThe Smart One shes a human who lives in Japan shes 14 years old. shes very smart she was so smart that when she was at school she skip to go to college she was 12 back then. she been studying animals first she study Growler but it result to be in danger around him so she stop studying about him. shes friends with everyone except Growler who try to eat her. shes nice,caring,smart and very fun to hang out and shes a human

Yoshiki: his the friend of Ayumi since childhood. he have blonder hair and blue eyes. he can be rude sometimes but his nice when his in a good mood, he can be rude, smart,yandere

Sunbeam: also known as Sweet-Wheat. his the young brother of Stardust. his a yellow bear who lives in a cave, his innocent and sometimes he can be a yandere when it comes to love. his shy,caring,innocent and a little jealous sometimes. he use to be the master of Growler.

Stardust: his the oldest brother of Sunbeam. his a pale bear,he seen to love scary and creepy things, he cares his little brother alot he protect him. his a witch he can use spells or become invisible.

Cozy: his a red bear who always have his camara on everyone. he kinda have love for nachos his the only one who are friends with Growler

Daddles: also known as The Party Animal his the best friend of Gloomy. his a green bear, he fall in love with Gloomy but he dosnt know that only Growler knows. he can be flirty around him sometimes, his brave and flirty

Fluffy: also known as Billy Marone.his a orange puffball whos on a quest to find a powerful necklace. he can speak english and poyo language his very caring and adorable he also have a mate name Mima he have 3 cubs with her Scotty,Fluffy jr and Vixy his friend of everyone except Growler he will never be his friend he think of him as a enemy

Magolor: his a friend of Fluffy and everyone except Growler his friendly and awkward he dosnt have a leg he can fly he have a relationship with Treesa

Antasma: his the best friend of Marx and his friend with everyone except Growler his language can be weird he replaced ''w'' with ''v'' but that just him. his a vampire, his food is different than the other he eat antamuchies

Marx: his the bestfriend of Antasma and friend of everyone except Growler. he wanna rule popstar and hates kirby to death. he fly like Magolor

Mima: she a puffball like Fluffy,shes the mate of Fluffy she have three cubs with him Scotty,Fluffy jr and Vixy shes very sweet but she cant not talk english she talk in poyo language shes nice and sometimes she can be protective of her cubs

Growler: his a wolf. he hates Fluffy and Gloomy seen to be his rivals, he have a girlfriend her name is Monica but he calls her moni for short. his only friend is Cozy who seen to get along very well. growler thinks that Fluffy kill his father but it was Fluffys Dad who kill his dad

well now you have know about the characters now let talk about...

Cozy: NACHOS!!

no were not gonna talk about nachos cozy -3- were going to talk about the damn stories

Cozy: oh the stories.. im out of here

ok let begin FLUFFYS UNTOLD STORY is completed why youre here? read it now

WELCOME TO CORPSE PARTY well i can explain o3o. i need to think more sorry if you want to know what going to happened next and everything

GROWLERS FIRST LOVE this is a new story and is completed so you can read it right now

Ok this my another profiles from different thingys ok? :D

Fanfiction: PandaLuver14

PS3: MysticMoon14 ( but i dont have internet on my ps3... but i still play :3 )

Tumblr: ask-gloomybear ( yes it a ask blog )

you can ask me some request if you want go PM me and i see what i can do to make you happy ;)

WARNING: i kinda have bad grammar, english is my second language

ok now have a nice day :3

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