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About me: I live in Florida, and I'm a twin.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music, watching tv

Pet Peeves: the sound the sink makes when water is going down the drain(weird ikr?), waking up early, when someone repeats something a million times, Sundays, when people don't act genuine about things, violence

Favorite singers: Usher, Neyo, , Trey Songz, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland

Favorite Songs: Ice Box, It wont stop, Slow Down, Say Yes, Boo Thang, Problem, The Way You Move, Na Na, SmartPhones, Foreign, She Aint My Girl, Don't Go, Up To You, Love Song, Cant Stop Wont Stop, Stupid Love, What's A Man To Do, Guilty, Dark Horse, Confident, Lessons for the lover, Ride, Kisses Down Low, Be Where You Are, Titanium, Same Girl, Burnin' up, Lay In my bed, Counting Stars, Break Free, Tonight(The best you've ever had), Skipping, Fatal, Just that Girl, and many more!

Favorite Movies: Think Like A Man 1 & 2, Ride Along, The Fault in Our Stars, Good Deeds, Temptation, Madea's Family Reunion, Witness Protection, No Good Deed, Twilight(Even I have to admit, I'm a fan :D and TEAM JACOB!), If I Stay, and anything romantic and humorous.

Height: 5'6

Age: Not telling :P

Favorite tv show: The Bachelor, Say Yes To The Dress, Family Feud, Full House, The Nanny, Four Weddings, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Steven Universe( The kid's funny), Empire (Oh yeah, I LOVE me some Drama :D), and many more!

Favorite music genre: Pop and R&B

Places I like to travel: Orlando, Tampa, and Miami

Favorite books: Mad Love, Diary of a Vampeen, Find her Keep her, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Cinder Series so much more I can't remember :o

Guilty pleasures: Cookies, pasta, Cinnamon buns, bagels, frappes, chocolate, ice cream, water parks, cruises, dogs, road trips, powerpuff girls (I got hooked during 8th grade my best friend introduced it to me I like powerpuff girls z though not the small girl version they had on Cartoon Network) Sonic tv shows, soda, any type of sweets, the beach, weddings, romance, babies, frozen yogurt, Chicken, any kind of pasta, New clothes, stew, soup, Cheerios, Cinnamon toast crunch, any vampire stories, love, iced tea, Italian food, Minions, Hello Kitty, mini oatmeal creme pies, Oreos, cinnamon, Vanilla frappes from Starbucks, S'mores Pop-Tarts, Cookies and Cream,Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, Confetti Cupcake Pop-TartsRed velvet cake, and Any kind of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Hates: annoying people, cleaning, having headaches, being sick, people keeping secrets from me, being left out, being alone for too long, Juan Pablo from the bachelor ( he's a jerk), fake people, Justin Bieber (i like his music just not him), dancing, taking too many photos, Facebook (it's old now people give it up), being around crowds, having glasses (sometimes) Jerry Springer show( when you watch with your grandma 1,000 times, it gets annoying) Mangoes, being blamed for no reason (it happens a lot), being corrected (makes me feel stupid), failing at anything, losing bets, the IPhone (it's not like pure hatred but that phone cracks so easily and the Ipod too, plus I have had bad experiences with Apple), when people act like i'm stupid, being disrespected, baby carrots (ew), Twilight, school (boring), Chinese food, snakes, whining, tea, complaining, people who push, people who are rude, when people ask me for food from my plate, people who like to go through my stuff (it pisses me off), frogs, snakes, being bit by insects, Coconut (-.-)

Favorite animals: Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters

Favorite website: Deviant ART( I don't post pictures i just like looking at other people's art :D), fan fiction, Go Comics and this website :D

Favorite color: Blue, white, coral and silver

Celebrity Crushes: Trey Songz (those ABS though :D) Usher, Liam Hemsworth, Demi Lovato, John Stamos, and Taye Diggs

Upcoming Stories:

(The schedule will be changed soon and I removed some story ideas*

Make Love, Not War- The second story of 'Lovers & Friends'. This one talks about Clarity and Trey planning to get married 9 years after high school. Everything is full of bliss until disaster strikes in. A jealous ex returns to break them apart and make Trey hers again. Then, Clarity questions if she can trust Trey. Will they end up happy?

*I can't promise when I can write this since Lovers & Friends is on hold*

Serial Kisser- Gemma is a bold, daring, and fun-loving junior who isn't afraid of anything. But she has never had the perfect first kiss everyone talks about. So, she goes on a quest to have her perfect first kiss before the summer. But not everything goes the way she plans...

*Hoping to start this in the summer*

Living a Perfect Life?- Nikki is a sixteen year old girl who has lived her life in a dollhouse with her parents and brother. She aches to meet the humans and become real instead of living like plastic. Her mother sends her on a quest to find food, but it becomes an adventure quickly. She meets a cute human boy and falls in love with him. Will she achieve her dream?

*Next Story after Ardour*

Switched Up- Cassie and her brother Connor don't get along that well. Connor blames Cassie for making her mother remarry a different guy and for making their parents split. Cassie is sick and tired of Connor always treating her like a baby and blaming her for everything. One night, a terrible storm approaches and the result after the storm is that they switch bodies. As they're switched, they both realize the troubles the person has been through and become closer to each other.

Looks Can Actually Kill- Serenity lives in a boring place in Texas and wants some fun in her life... and her wish comes true when a gorgeous guy moves in next door. They get close to each other and eventually falls in love. But this pretty man isn't the man you think he is...

*Still in planning mode, no plans to publish yet*

Struck into Time- Megan is suddenly transported into a unfamiliar place... and in the middle of a battlefield. She realizes that she has time traveled into the Middle Ages, and has no idea how to get back. With knights, kings, queens, and magic, Megan's in a hell of a ride.

*This was originally on a poll of mine and since I had only 3 people vote on it, I removed it and this was one of the choices. No plans, still in development*

Love on an Island- Isaac is stuck on an island... and he's not the only one who has a problem with it. He meets the beautiful, stubborn, rude, strong, and brave Lila Waters and her grandmother. With his begging, she helps him try to get back home even though she doesn't like him. But she falls in love with him.

*This one was on the poll as well. I have an idea where I want to go with this, but I have no idea when I'll publish this*

Dying For Love- Elliot is an sexy cunning immortal man who kills females around the world. He and his partners live in Deathos, worlds away from Earth. His boss assigns him to kill a girl named Lola, who he falls in love with and will stop at nothing to protect her.

Jax Winters- Jax is the godmother of Clarity and Trey's children. At the ceremony, she meets Chad, who's the uncle of Trey's children. She falls in love with him, but he's still the womanizer he claims to be. Hearts will be broken and mended.

*Um... I want to publish this when I finish the third story of 'Lovers & Friends'*

Fish Bait- Mermaids don't exist. As least, that's what Danny thinks. He moves into a new town and meets the beautiful mermaid Ramona. But when the town starts polluting the lake she lives in, Ramona's home town could be destroyed and the friendship between her and Danny can be crushed.

*In planning stage*

Being Half of a Monster- Keri accidently finds a tanning bed... or what she THINKS is a tanning bed. In reality, it's a cloning device that gives Keri a clone. At first, it's awesome, but the clone turns into destruction.

Being An Orphan- MY FIRST PLAY! Robin is a 9-year old orphan living on the streets and it isn't glamorous... until she gets 'adopted' by one of the richest boys in Chicago.

Aliens Are Coming!- Steve is a 8-year old boy who has this crazy idea of thinking aliens really exist. No one really believes him, until actual aliens come to earth, threatening to take over the world. Can Steve save the town?

This Is War- Ioni's father owns a matchmaking company in Chicago. He's planning to pass down his company to one of his three children; Ioni, Peter, and Michael. The close siblings turn into rivals as they fight to get the company they dreamed of. Who will win? Who will suffer and whose blood will be shed?


Up and Down to Heaven (or Hell)- Arielle gets into a car accident on her way to a model audition. She dies but she has the choice of living in someone's body... or going to Hell for her crimes.

*This is randomly came into my head, so I have no idea what I'll do with this*

Shall we live?- Samantha has been dead for 16 years and is suddenly awakened by some weirdo people in an unknown world to marry the king of that unknown world. Amazing, isn't it?

The End Of A Lifetime- The final story of Lovers & Friends! In the story, Clarity and Trey welcome two kids: Luke and Seraphina. After welcoming their kids, an old friend of Clarity recruits them into being actors in his film. But on the set, someone gets murdered and the couple work together to solve the mystery of the death.

Notes: I don't write one-shots. But you want one, then I have no protests on that.

Until further notice, Lovers & Friends is on hold, but I do have a new story out called Ardour which I'm excited about!

Reviews: I do read your reviews but I don't answer back sometimes. I'm going to start doing that soon though on my stories, so you will NOT go unnoticed! :3 I also take critics, but if you're going to be an asshole, don't even bother. I always want to feedback to see what I can improve on and what you want more of.

YAY! You read all of this without falling asleep!!! Since you know everything about me now, we're officially FP friends :D

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Maggie has her own share of problems: with a mother that's been dead since she was six years old and a dad that does everything to forget that fact, she's got many issues that need addressing. But, she almost always chooses to keep them hidden from mind in favor of someone else's plight. Foster is no different: he's got enough difficulties without Maggie trying to solve them.
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I woke up with amnesia due to an accident that had happened to me. I only knew my parents for a month before my aunt sheltered me under her care. Years passed and I'm about to enter my senior year in high school. Everything seemed well in my life until a guy about my age suddenly went up to me and bought a keychain. I feel that I came to like him through that but, I'm a guy too.
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His eyes were close enough that she could see each eyelash move in synchronisation as the eyes narrowed into dark slits. The vigor with which he expelled the sentence had every word coming at her like tiny knives carving away a little bit more of the hopefulness and friendship ball she had clung onto for so long. The two are pushed together to study. Can she get past the hurt?
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"You're going to walk away from me now," He tells me, but it's not an order, it's a desperate plea. "Because I'm reckless, impulsive and so, so in love with you, and if you don't—" He breaks off, taking a ragged breath. "I'll kiss you." {The girl who's always been seen as one of the guys & the boy who notices her...*spin off of 'Falling for Seth'*}
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"I know. Galen, I-" She started, and closed her eyes, breathing quietly. "You won't go forgettin' me now, will you?" "Never, cross my heart and hope to die," he said. It was the most solemn vow he knew. The story of Galen Rubinson and Alaura, two vastly different turn-of-the-century Louisiana backwoods children, as told in no particular order through the years. Rated K.
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