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Okay, the first thing you should know about me is that Marci is a pen name. Sorry, but you really don't need to know my real name. I will say, though, that I live somewhere in the U.S., and I am hoping to publish the first book in a trilogy soon, under the same pen name I have here.

I love fantasy writing, though unfortunately between schoolwork, reading, my own book, and more schoolwork, I don't get as much done as I would like. Hopefully this website will help me change that. I love fantasy and sci-fi mostly, but I will read pretty much anything I get my hands on. My writing tends to take a magical turn or two, though, even if it starts out "normal". I used to write mostly about animals, specifically dogs and wolves. Now, I'll write just about anything.

You can find me on Wattpad,, SparkaTale, and Penana, all under the same pseudonym. There, you can find a continuation of Traveler, as well as several other of my longer stories! Hope to see you there!

Feel free to pm me. I love to talk, and I don't bite! I'd love to hear any constructive criticism that you have for my writing, and/or praise.

That said, congrats if you've made it all the way down here! Hopefully I'll get to talk to you soon!

Some amazing writers:

HyacinthiaPhoenix: Her writing is truly beautiful, with mind-blowing descriptions that hold the reader's attention to the very end. She is also very fun to talk to, so definitely stop by her profile!

Emil Boyd: Check out The Lady in Blue for truly beautiful writing that flows amazingly and a fun historical story about a teen in the army, Emil. And while you're at it, the poetry on this profile is amazing and will grab for your heart and attention immediately.

7ShadowsUnleashed: Definitely stop by her profile as soon as you get the chance. Her writing is flawless and intriguing, and the descriptions are awesome. She is also an incredibly fun person to talk to, so stop by soon!

Rylee Wyatt: Check out her story, Hunters! It's a fun sci-fi that will keep you reading 'till the end. When technology and a bit of "magic" collide, anything at all can happen...

Barbados: The pieces on this account are simply amazing, to be short and sweet about it. They'll keep you on the edge of your seat until the last word, and even then their echoes will nag you for more.

A brief overview of a few of my stories:

Legends: This was originally written as a school project, and I decided that there was too much that I could do with this world for it to end right then. So, here we are, and Kere's world has become a world where evil and good once were physical, and very real. Now, they are growing in strength again, and when two forces like these collide, only one can reign...

Traveler: An orphaned, teenage girl with a tendency toward a more introverted nature is our main character here, though she is later joined by a boy escaping a seeming-utopia City in Musician and three other characters in the fuller versions (found on either Wattpad, SparkaTale, or Penana).

Strange Magic: Jipsie is an ordinary girl who lives in the Nation. Her friend Sayer, however...not so much. He always seems to know when something interesting is going on, and when one morning the duo find three teenagers in the abandoned section of the "play fields," they just know that it is vital they find out who the trio is, and what they're doing. But sometimes the answers simply lead to more questions, and danger...

What may be coming...

In one of my summaries, I briefly mentioned that if requested, I may expand upon one of my one-shot stories. That offer stands, so keep the reviews coming! They are what fuels me as a writer, and I love to hear your constructive criticism or praise.

I included my "one-shot" Traveler in my overview, whereas I skipped over some of my others. My reasoning is this: this, as well as Musician, is part of a series of chapters that I have posted to Wattpad as one large story. Stay tuned or check out my Wattpad account for more! I'd love to hear what you think of this dystopian world and its characters! (Update--The full version of Traveler is also available on SparkaTale and Penana)

I have also drafted pieces of a short story about a futuristic world that I plan to expand upon, and I hope to entwine the plots of this new story and "Strange Magic" later on. Update--"Unwanted" is now available on here, Wattpad, SparkaTale, and Penana.

Feel free to PM me with comments, questions, or just a simple "Hi!" I love to talk and get to know other writers, and talking out questions makes us better, in my opinion. Also, it makes my day to hear what you think of my stories, positive or otherwise.


Lastly, I have been deleting stories from this account. If you want to save a certain story, or even have me bring one back, just shoot me a PM. I'll see what I can do :). However, I am working on creating a writer blog that will have many of these stories, and several other new ones, so stay tuned for that! (And if I delete a story you liked, you can either request that I bring it back or wait for this blog to be up and see if I post it there.)

Ta ta for now, and happy writing!

"The steeper the mountain,
The harder the climb,
The better the view
From the finishing line!"

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