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Hi there!

You may know me as Lantern, from fanfiction.

Just made a fictionpress, because I write original stories and poems sometimes, not just fanfiction.

Yeah, I'm a dystopic story kind of writer, or a fantasy type.

Visit my fanfiction:



Elapsed Life-Hannah is an unusual thinker living in the architecture-based province of Klein Berlin. Full of regrets about all of the things she wanted to do in life, but abandoned for stability, she drops everything and decides to start anew, all the while conscious that time is of the essence. In progress.

Ripples in the Lake-More Klein Berlin-verse. Follows the lives of Simone and Elias, friends of Hannah. TBD.

Alone in the Dark-Doll-verse. 14-year-old fraternal twins Amber and Chloe grew up with a distant father, who almost seemed unable to deal with emotions ever since the loss of their mother 6 years ago. Unhappy with life at home, they sneak out constantly into the forest nearby. When both girls stumble upon a enchanted dollhouse, their curiosity causes them to get sucked into it. The problem? It's a cursed dollhouse, and it's rumored that no one's ever made it out alive. Not a typical horror story, more like a loss of freedom type. TBD.