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Why, hello! Welcome to my profile page.

...Not much to see, honestly. Though, if you wanted to see the silly little sentences that I decided to write here, be my guest.

Well, my penname is Lavender Turtle, but feel free to call me Lav. Or whatever you come up with pertaining to my name.

A little bit about myself: I'm an amateur writer, I like reptiles, books are pretty cool, and I don't do much other than sit around and stare into cyberspace.

I'm welcome to any opinion that you might have on something that I wrote, so feel free to say something. I also appreciate any kind of constructive criticism that you have for a story, so just don't be afraid to write a review.

Now, a thing about stories: I have the tendency to write a little bit and leave it sitting for months, so forgive me if I publish something and don't update it for a while. However, I would rather have something completed than unfinished, so you can at least count on me finishing a story at some point in time.

Ah...I guess I don't have anything else to say. Have a good day, then!