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Why, hello! Welcome to my profile page.

...Not much to see, honestly. Though, if you wanted to see the silly little sentences that I decided to write here, be my guest.

Well, my penname is Lavender Turtle, but feel free to call me Lav. Or whatever you come up with pertaining to my name.

A little bit about myself: I'm an amateur writer, I like reptiles, books are pretty cool, and I don't do much other than sit around and stare into cyberspace.

I'm welcome to any opinion that you might have on something that I wrote, so feel free to say something. I also appreciate any kind of constructive criticism that you have for a story, so just don't be afraid to write a review.

Now, a thing about stories: I have the tendency to write a little bit and leave it sitting for months, so forgive me if I publish something and don't update it for a while. However, I would rather have something completed than unfinished, so you can at least count on me finishing a story at some point in time.

Ah...I guess I don't have anything else to say. Have a good day, then!

(Sorry if that line up there looks weird; I'm still trying to learn how to use the formatting and such.)



Category: General; Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Summary: Suzanne Too-Many-Middle-Names Marianne was the heroine of a world in distress. Every human living on Earth thought that she was the perfect woman, simply because she gave peace to the lands. However, when evil rises and the people have no one to turn to, it's up to Suzanne's not-so-perfect daughter to rise from her shadow and show the world what it means to be a hero.

It might seem slow to start at first, but it should pick up within a few chapters. Imperfection is pretty much a test story to get myself used to the site and to practice my writing skills. It's an idea that I got while looking up some tropes. It started out as another Mary Sue parody, but I thought of where I wanted to go with this. It's your basic "Defeat the Big Bad!" with some ideas thrown in.