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My name is Luna-Incendia14 (if you think that's my actual name, I pity you).

I'm just a girl who tends to look at the world differently than most, who has a lot of things floating through her mind, who is intoxicated by words, who bleeds ink, and who lives for stories. I write because I believe that Heaven is real, that Beauty is true, and that the World spins round.

I want to be an author when I grow up. I'm a major big fanfiction fan, I call it my guilty pleasure in life. I also love mangos, pomegranate seeds, reading, peppermint icecream, reading some more, writing, basketball, reading, owls, gel pens, musicals, pinterest, volleyball, and did I mention reading? I believe in dreaming and in happy endings, everyone deserves one. I will never write something without a happy ending, it may not be the ending you expect but it will be happy.

I speak Latin and I have Celiac Disease. I love the color purple and I love to dream.

All of the Words for the Wise are mine. I wrote them, I created them, unless otherwise noted in my author's notes.