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TO ANY NON-MIMATO FANS: I'm sorry if I ever offended you in any way. I'm not even aware of HOW I offended you guys (Koumi fans). I'm really sorry..

[digimon-fanatic and mimato-crazy anime-lover]

sakuramimato-chan here! you can call me mimi, sakura, sakura-chan, or sakuramimato! i might be writing some fanfics on the site, but it won't be often because i usually think of a story and end up trashing it. ^^' well, i'm a mimato fan if you haven't noticed (it's in my pen name). i'll read anything mimato/angst/drama/romance.

likes: pink, blue, mimi tachikawa, yamato "matt" ishida, mimato, digimon, flowers, pink, pink, pink
(dis)likes: black, grey, scary things, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis

tsuyo kereba iki, yowa kereba shinu
the stong live, the weak die

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PS: If you want to read some stories that I haven't published on go here [http:///] and if you really like it, I'll upload it. Did you ever notice that the titles to my fics usually refer to the sky/nature? -^.^-

01 Ardour - Sequel to 'Welkin'. Four years after Mimi (20) left Odaiba, she comes back for another surprise only to find that her one true love, Yamato (21), has left. His return to Odaiba brings some unexpected surprises even she would have never thought. Betrayal has come between the two, will they find a way to rekindle the love they once shared? + It might be really long, just like 'Welkin', an estimate of 15 chapters again. I have many ideas for it, so sit back! (Mimato, slight Taiora/Takari/Sorato)

02 Rhapsody - Mimi (18) returns to Odaiba after living in New York for five years. She notices that her feelings begin to grow when she meets Yamato (19) again. A promise she asks of him draws a line between the two. Will her true identity shatter the bond that they hold? + This will be a short story, but a good read as well! Estimated 5-10 chapters (under 10,000 words). (Mimato, rare Taiora)

03 untitled - Taichi (17) won the vistory for the final soccer game he will have at Odaiba High, ending the season. An after-party he attends dedicated to his team ends in mayhem. After escaping from a fight, he drives home in the rain and is involved in an accident, taking the life of a close friend. He turns to Mimi (16), his girlfriend, only to find that she has betrayed him as well... + Will be pretty long, estimated 10-20 chapters. Probably rated R for violence, angst, the whole deal. (Mimato, slight Michi)

04 untitled - Mimi (16), transferring to Odaiba High, has returned to rediscover the reveries of the childhood memories that she had and didn't share with her DigiDestined friends. Starting anew in Odaiba proved to be the worst decision she had ever made. Being known as the school slut/loser/playette/daddy's-little-girl, the one who stays by her side is Yamato (17). + 5-10 chapters long. A slight difference between rated PG-13 and R (slight angst), but that will be thought upon. (Mimato)

I will get more ideas once I start reading more fics and stories and watching more tv shows!