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Hello, I'm Melissa Seeger.

I enjoy writing and music, as well as many other things. I also have yellow/weird/rainbow eyes. Naturally too. :)

You can reach me here (obviously), but you can also reach me at these following sites...

- Tumblr

- Twitter

- Facebook

- Imgur

- Wattpad

- OR you could use my email - @

Have a lovely day! :) :)

-Information About Cursed-

- The novel Cursed is actually already finished.

- I'll be posting a chapter every 3 days until chapter 10, and then I'll change my flow again (I like to change it up. It keeps me from getting too bored and stuck in a routine. :) )

- It's the first book in a series of five books.

- I've already finished the plots for the rest of the books in the series and I'm currently writing the second book.

- I'm working on getting this published at the moment, so help me out by giving it tons of love online to help me convince publishers and literary agents. :)

-Important Notes-

- Cover pic for Cursed can be found here :)

- I will be posting other books that I've written soon. I'm just very focused on Cursed right now and getting it going in the world.

- I don't do anything on Sundays, so don't plan on chapters or replies on those days ever.

-*News April 2014*-

- I'm currently stuck in scholarship application hell. It takes priority with my life.

- I'm writing a new novel! It's giving me some much needed separation from Cursed, so I can do this new edit with new focus. :)

- Nearly done with the all the plots for the following novels for the Cursed series.

- Working on getting an agent for Cursed still, but currently I'm working with a writer of a novel who is helping me a lot with sealing that deal properly. Her book is Bloodline Gypsy. Go on Amazon to find it. It's very fun to read.

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Cursed reviews
My life changed the day I lit my cheating boyfriend on fire, forcing my family to move to Wyoming where there's horses, birds, vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, curses, me and a really big volcano. Romance/Fantasy/Supernatural
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"I doubt you ever knew,/Nothing would make sense./Time could only summon the new,/Juggling only the past tense..."
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