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"I didn't fall. I just thought the floor needed a hug."

Hey. You can call me Ace.

I'm a teen, male, born in July in Canada, where I grew up, and now residing (somewhat) peacefully in one of their small, rainy cities. I'm currently in middle school, also living with my two pets — Storm, my lab, and my playful black-and-white tomcat Domino, and my two siblings. I'll mostly be a reader here and to support/proofread some of my friends' stories. I'm by no means a great writer but I am good at finding errors in writing.

My favorite colors are grey and green. My favorite season is summer, summer how it's like where I live, sunny but cool. Mystery, action, adventure and horror are all genres I like. I like sports, specifically I love to run and compete. I can be pretty competitive when it gets down to it, but in the end it is about fun, although I forget to remind myself sometimes. I enjoy some quietness and thinking space at times, but doing the craziest things with my friends to spice up our dull lives? I'll always love that.

I'd say I'm a pretty easy-going person in general. If you want, feel free to shoot me a PM to ask a question or simply just talk. I will respond to every Private Message I get sooner or later (I'll be on FPN pretty often so chances are I'll reply soon) and I like hanging out with people. Even if they're complete strangers. As long as they aren't weird. No, no, just kidding, we're all insane in an even crazier world anyway. Or if you want me to check out one of your stories, I'll be happy to do that as long as I have time.