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Hey guys! We are Toto and Dino, two separate people under the same account. We're good friends and we love to read and write. You'll mostly see us as reviewers and readers but we might post some stories sometime too. If you could check it out when we do, that'd be awesome, thanks! :D

Now we'll do some introductions about ourselves. First off, we'll do each other's bios and see how well we do. XD Then we'll each do our own. Just for fun!

About Toto (filled in by Dino):

Name: We won't say our real names on here, so she'll be called Toto.

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Personality: I'd describe her as crazy, haha. She's creative, willing to try new things and on the outside she's a tough, brave person. A fun friend to be around, funny, and she has her quirks. Don't get her mad though!

Siblings: Doesn't have any.

Favorite color: Blue, green. She mentions it a lot.

Favorite season: I'm actually not sure… It might be summer or spring.

Favorite animal: I'd go with cat since I know she loves cats.

Favorite food: I have no idea really.

Favorite music: Dunno, she listens to a variety.

Pets: A playful/funny/demanding/cuddly ginger tomcat.

About Dino (filled in by Toto):

Name: Dino for now on this site!

Gender: I'm pretty sure it's girl. Otherwise, well, I've been deceived my whole life. O_o

Age: Slightly older than me. Just slightly.

Personality: Let's see… She's definitely nice. She's very helpful and likes giving advice to people. She's on the quieter side, I'd say pretty smart. She's easy to get along with and is a good friend. Fairly patient most of the time. There are those times when she snaps though, lol.

Siblings: A little brother.

Favorite color: I don't really know. Cool colors and natural colors, I'm guessing.

Favorite season: Winter. She likes snow. A lot.

Favorite animal: No idea. She's a big animal lover so I have no idea.

Favorite food: Adaptable. She's pretty much fine with anything. I've asked her before.

Favorite music: I know she loves country music, and not really modern pop.

Pets: Two birds.

About Toto (by Toto):

Name: Awesome, my turn to fill out my own. XD It's Toto. Just Toto, plain and simple.

Gender: I'm actually male. Well, male with a "fe" before it.

Age: 13

Personality: I don't know how to describe myself. I'm insane and stupid. Very very stupid sometimes. XD I like to crack jokes, I don't like serious moments much so I like making others laugh. I absolutely love thrill rides and those dangerous sports (which I'm definitely gonna try all of them later on). I get a pretty temperamental sometimes which I'm still trying to control lol. Also I love drawing!

Siblings: Nope. Nada. None.

Favorite color: Blue and green rule. Seriously.

Favorite season: What time is it? SUMMERTIME! …If you haven't guessed, I like summer best. Which you probably have. XD

Favorite animal: Catsssssss. And I like snakes a lot. :D

Favorite food: Nothing too fancy. Plain ol' pizza works wonders.

Favorite music: Pop (but not like, most of nowadays pop with lazy/disgusting/stupid lyrics but a few of them are still fine), synthpop, electronic!

Pets: I have a cat called Fireball. He's male, a rather mischievous ginger tabby.

About Dino (by Dino):

Name: Dino works best.

Gender: Female

Age: I'd prefer not to say exactly how old I am.

Personality: Not as loud or adventurous as Toto. I'm a more quiet person, and I prefer thinking over speaking. I think of everyone, everything, as equal and I like helping people if they need it. I love music, both listening to it and creating. Sometimes I can apologize a bit too much. (Don't say sorry, don't say sorry…) Anyway, I'm pretty nice most of the time. Most. Of the time. Yeah, pretty nice. x)

Siblings: A younger brother who's 10 right now.

Favorite color: Blue and purple. And a cross between blue and purple. (Blurple?)

Favorite season: I like them all, but I like autumn and winter best, cooler seasons.

Favorite animal: I like all animals!

Favorite food: I like all food (I'm also a pretty adaptable person if I haven't mentioned).

Favorite music: Country

Pets: Two budgies/parakeets named Sky and Hoot.

Hmm, I'd say that went pretty well, actually. XD Anyway, love peace and chicken grease, and we're over and out!

- Toto and Dino