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Thought it was about time to change this, so here is...


Vital statistics:
Sixteen year old anime addict living in Kent, UK.
Height: 5'5
Weight: (am not going there...)
Eyes: Hazel/Green/Brown (they can't make up their mind)
Hair: Shoulder length light brown/browny blonde

Place of Education: King's School Canterbury. Canterbury home of Link Lane and the wonderful Whatever Comics, my source of all things manga and the home of a £13 Deathscythe Hell Custom that I intend to buy when I get some money.

AS Levels: English, Classical Civilisation, French and History of Art. Taking Japanese as a GCSE next year as have been learning it for eight weeks!

Favourite Place: My Bed. It's lovely. Did you know that the worst time of day is getting out of bed and the best time of day is getting into bed? It's true! Please, no hentai comments...

Pets: Three cats (Moppet, Tabitha and Tom), four horses (Chance, Berry, Cody and Foxy), nine sheep (too many names!) two dogs, Plum and Pepper, the manic obsessive chewer.

Favourite Song: Ooh tough one. It's a toss up between Angels by Robbie Williams, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls or Hero by Chad Kroeger. All good.

Favourite Warm Beverage: At the moment, it's another tough decision between Choffee (my own little name for one scoop of coffee granules, one scoop of hot chocolate powder and a little sugar) and Twinnings Spiced Apple and Camomile tea. Yum...

Favourite Anime: Gundam Wing. Absolutely love it. Closely behind comes Escaflowne, back on TV much to my elation.

Favourite TV Channel: CNX, for three very good reasons. Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop. Thank you Cartoon Network for giving a deprived anime lover a reason to watch TV! (Channel 244 for all Sky Digital viewers!)

Favourite Video Game: Legend of Zelda. It is beyond compare. Love everything about it. Sonic the Hedgehog comes behind, but Zelda is definitely the best. It's an obsession...

Favourite Saying: 'Tis better to be a freak by choice than a freak by classification. My motto in life.

Conspiracy Theory: Ginger people are out to rule the world. If you don't believe me, look at Zelda, Gundam Wing and Anne Robinson. Am I wrong?

Projects in the works...

Fatal Mistake- Zelda. Romance/Angst
Vagabond- Zelda. Action/Adventure
Blood of the Hero- Zelda. Action/Adventure/Romance

Smokescreen- Sonic the Hedgehog. Action/Adventure/Romance

Rhea- Gundam Wing. Drama/Romance

I love getting e-mails and feedback from anyone who likes my stuff, criticisms too I suppose, but feel free to write whenever you feel the urge!