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Age: 18
Name: I ain't tellin'.
Gender: Female
Height: (Hmmm...) Maybe about 5'6"
Location: Oregon

Favorite shows: Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cyborg 009, and most of the "Transformers" (including Beast Wars) series.
Favorite stories: *sweatdrop* Well, there's so many that I like... Just refer to "Fav. genre(s)".
Favorite genre(s): Action/adventure, comedy, and maybe a little romance.
Favorite food(s): I'll just say that I don't often encounter food that I dislike.
Favorite games: Golden Sun I & II, Zelda: A Link To the Past & Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and good ol' computer solitaire.

Anything else I want to share? Don't think so...


Some important policies of mine:

1.) My Fanfiction.Net and Fictionpress.Com Bios will not always be the same.

2.) If you are going to be changing your pen name, please notify me BEFORE you do so. Makes life much easier.

3.) Constructive critism is welcomed. Flames are not. Nice reviews are the best.

4.) You can send e-mail to this e-mail address if you are having trouble with the one listed near the top of my profile: . However, I have had to increase the security level. As such, any e-mails that I receive that are not listed in my "Safe List" will be blocked. I advise that you leave your e-mail address in your review so that I can put it in my Safe List.

5.) Just make sure that you know, this "Bio:" is divided into 2 sections. The 1st begins with my description. The 2nd begins where you first see a "mm/dd/yy" update.

6.) READ & REVIEW, OR I'LL-- *sees a bunch lawyers* uhhhh, just read and review, please.


If you want to go to my FF.Net profile for some reason, go here instead -->

Also, I want people to know that it would be nice if they'd R & R my sister's works, since she's not too well known. Her links are and

To fanfic writers: You are awesome people (even though some of your works might not know) because you undertake the task of writing stories so that others can enjoy them. For this I am eternally grateful. Keep on doing your best!!!

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9/22/04 - Wednesday

Came back only to make a change in the homepage listed here on my profile. The link that was there previously was -- it was removed because it referred to a site that had been moved (don't know when). The link that was provided for the new site led to nowhere. In any case, don't use the aforementioned link (unless you really want to) because you will then experience LOTS of pop-up ads. sucks. :b

On a lighter note, I finally received my high school diploma yesterday. Go me! {^_^}

And before I forget to say this (again), my project to improve the formatting that I used in "Alayea's Poetry Corner" has been put on hold indefinitely.

9/9/04 - Thursday (9:26 am PDT)

As of today, my account here on will no longer be monitored. I haven't visited FP.Com in a long while and, to be honest, there's just nothing here that I'm interested in. Of course, with Morncreek (my twin), it's the opposite- loves FP.Com, hardly interested in FF.Net. *lol*

So to all the people who R & R-ed my works, thank you so much! It really means a lot to me.

One day I may come back to, but the future regarding this is clouded in mist. Goodbye.

7/20/04 - Tuesday

Certainly has been quite a month. For instance, summer school. 2 trimesters worth of English = 15 days of 2 sessions doing ?s and 500-word essays. Surprisingly, I managed to finish it all in just six days! Though I guess it's not too surprising, since it was my fourth year being there. Now if I just turn in the sickly green-colored Career Packet, I might actually graduate in August.

There was also the 4th of July holiday. It sucked. Big time. {T_T}

Last week: I uploaded another chapter to my Poetry Corner. The chapter also contains important news. (Consider it as an incentive to read it.)

Oy! And I almost forgot! The 2-year anniversary of my first upload to FF.Net (when it was still one entity) is comin' up! Scroll down and click on "A Reporter's Column of Randomness". As always, R & R!

Bye for now. ;)

6/18/04 - Friday

Nothing much. Just lettin' people know that I'm still around.

I also apologize to everyone to whom I feel I've been neglecting. It's just that with my life and all, it's been getting more difficult to R & R.

Lastly, I planned on putting up another poem at FP.Com a couple of months ago, but I can't seem to find the paper yet... :( 1/12/04 - Monday

{~_^} I'm actually glad that school is starting again after they had to cancel school due to snow and ice for all of last week. So we got three weeks off instead of two. The last time that we had such weather was WAY back in the winter of 1993! (I can actually still remember some of it, too.)

And there's no real point to this update. I'm just posting this because I want to assure you all that I am still alive.

10/13/03 - Monday

mumbles about "idiots", "school", and "Columbus Day"* Hey! {^^} Nice to see you. I'm just adding this update to let you all know that my twin changed her penname, so I had to change the links to reflect that.

And one more thing. I've been trying to upload another poem, but... I'll only say that Document Manager disagreed with it. I hope I can have it up before Halloween.

{~^} Peace out!

8/6/03 - Wednesday

I started a credit recovery class for math on Monday. Since it appears to be somewhat easy, none of you guys and gals will have to worry about me not R & R-ing your works. {^_^}

On a side note, FF.Net has finally implemented the pen-name system that FP.Net has been using for the past few months. Because of this, I have changed my FF.Net link to my personalized URL. I also modified my sister's links. Please be assured that although one is labeled "Leilani" on FF.Net and "Leilani1" on FP.Com, the links go to the same person. (And if I am being confusing, well...I'm sure you can figure something out...)

I decided also that now was the time to "defragment" my Bio and overhaul my description. So, I deleted these notices that were unimportant, no longer relevant, or that had been moved to my description at the top:

(For 2002)


(For 2003)

3/25 (evening)

{^^} So tell me if this entire Bio is much better than the previous one! Ciao!

3/25/03 - Tuesday

Moved my FP.Net link to my description at the top because common sense demanded it. {~_^} So again, there was no point in keeping an unnecessary update. Deleted 2/21/03.

3/14/03 – Saturday

Rearranged Bio so that recent updates will be at the top, while the old news are at the bottom.

9/25/02 - Wednesday

Changed my Bio so that my description would be at the top, making it convenient for whoever's reading this. Wasn't easy rearranging everything, but I got off my butt and finally did it!

7/31/02 - Wednesday

Well, I decided to publish a story! It's expressly meant for humor, so I know it can't be *that* bad. Please review! Also edited my Bio.

7/30/02 - Tuesday

Well, I'm sorry for those of you who have been wanting to see my Bio, but I have been having problems with this thing lately. Baka FF.Net!!

Anyways, here is my new Bio. Much better than my first, eh? ~_^

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