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Hello, I'm Paine Nawali, younger sister to Carol Nawali (the prodigy 15 year old novelist!), and also sister toLenne Nawali. Ican't think of much to say, though I'm like, the last person who you would expect a story as great as Carols. Yes, I'm not that good, my forte is in art...Writing is on the side, though it is still one of my favorite things I like to do...despite the fact that I draw every single day in class instead of paying attention to Mr. Ching, my math teacher...

Carol: Yes, she is my wonderful older sister, and though she CONSTANTLY annoys me for being the "baby" of the family *DESPISES the word, it doesn't stop her from being the best friend/sister I could ever have. Strangely enough, the two of us have fallen for the same guy. And even though in her profile she says I'M PRETTY, yeah right, I'm just Asian, that just gives me the smallest advantage...though I swear, if SHE was Asian, GOD, she would be pretty ^^ She is already, though if she chooses to believe me and Kira and prettier than her, yeah, I am but only by a small bit. Ask my boyfriends...oh wait, I don't have one...and never had one for a while >_>

Lenne: Yes, my other loveable sister! This one is more broken than us. Well, give her some slack all right? She has issues with her life going on now...and yes...anyway, she is cool, she can sing, she can draw, CG, yes, she is uber cool and PRETTIER THAN ME!!!! ^^

Mickey: Can't forget him eh? He's a friend of me and Carol's. Yes, we met over myspace >_> *The Place Parent's call Hell* but he's really sweet, and really cool! He's Carol's wonderful editor for WTLSTS (where the lightning splits the sea). Yes, glad he's a friend of ours, and well, at least we're different than the "other" friends he got for his cousin Yunho. Nope, me and Carol like him for who he is, our Hayate ^^

Anyway, here's what to expect from me...oh yeah, and by the way, if you want to contact me...

MSNM: (Don't ask WHY its that email...its a VERY old one ever since I was (and still)in LOVE with Xenosaga)


Note: ALL my stories are from good RPs, because I'm bored...

Ooh, I found this, it's pretty old, but hahahahahaha CAAARROOOLLL!!! remember this?:

"*smiles* Hello there Paine, I cant wait till we can finally read some of your masterpeices! I will wait paitently for them! But you best update soon! You hear me?! Ok, thats it...done ranting! Byes! -Yuna Yuy"

Innocent until Proven Guilty: A young woman tells a bunch of writers, writing a story about her past, about her suicidal high school friend, and about her and the friend's most depressing days of her life. She talks about her life in a small story, and how it's like living in a Hell called her life, for nothing seems to go right. After looking back in the past and how everything came to be, she tells how a mere conversation with old friends and a mere phone callcame tothe truth...where things aren't what they seem, and friends cannot be trusted, when things happen that seems like fate, coincedence, or magic, it really isn't, for all it is, is the truth of the world, and how people really are in this place we call Home. ((Based off true events))

Faithful Companions: *blows the dust off of the story and sighs* Okay, here's another one of my old ones. Anyway, it's the classic story of war, family, friends, adventure, blood and violence violence violence...well, not really. Its the classic tale of an escort Princess, but hell, this is NO ordinary princess, for she WILL fight back for her own safety. Along with her two friends, set out to bring peace to the world, it's going to be harder in this sexist world of theirs. Full of opression and discrimination, how can the POSSIBLY succeed. Like all stories do: Some miracle that makes it all end happy, but can these three warriors say the same?

I Will Be Saved By No One But Myself: Suina Mikara had lived her life as a slave...a maid, a choregirl for longer than she can even remember herself. Reading fantasy books that only end in happiness and a boy, she swears upon herself that she will never rely on some boy to save her, and she will save herself from her prison. But what happens when she can't save herself? Who will she turn to then?

Close friends and the people I Torture...people if they comment, will comment reguarly or something like that...unless I intimidate them too much...:

Carol Nawali: My sister, actually my older sister, she has a twin! Lenne! Though Lenne doesn't have a fictionpress account so I talk to her here. Anyway, she's really good at writing, and always says positive things about my work (*doesn't know what Chapter 5 review for IUPG probably now is lying...*) but anyway, go read her work and then read mines...THERE'S A DIFFERENCE! XD

Ryan Colt aka Taylor: He's Carol's fanboy XDD He SAYS that I'M good in art? Yeah right, I've seen others MUCH better than me *cough cough* LENNE *cough cough* I'm not that good, BELIEVE me. Anyway, he's in love with Nikki, so they make a cute couples and all *is being Paine like in a bitchy mood and coughingbecause she had JUST SAID THAT o.0;;* Yeah, they do...really, but anyway, his works are good as well, his forte may not be in art, but his writing skills make up for it.

Nuregoftheelves: NII-SAN! Yes, his stories scare me ._. Skinning...people...well, that's why it's called Horror! He does an excellent job in this, and yes, he's my wonderful older brother! *constantly reviews HIS stories a lot* ^^ Heh, anyway, much is being said through these little words...yep...

The wondeful three-some of friends *hopefully will get bigger*...DON'T TRY TO BREAK OUR FRIENDSHIP OR YOU SHALL DIE! ^_^ Carol told ya I was planning your death...

Until next time, Sayonara!

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