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Hello!!! It's me again! Neecoal924 or the nee of needawnie or sucker4romance. But this time i'm here with my friend katie. isn't our name great? its from halloween. For school freshman had to be foods so she was a kiwi and i was a blueberry. so yeah. okay all the stuff in bold is about me and the rest is her. if its underlined then its both. got it? good. so here we go:

Name: Nicole or Nikki or Nellie or Libby or Mrs. Madden or Mrs. Haborawitz ( -where did that one come from?) (my mind, smart one)

Name: Katie or Kiwi or Kate or Kathryn or Kat-Rynn or Kate-Kate (u call me that, u die) or KK or Katie Kins (once again, die)or Kit Kat (I answer to anything with a K)

Age: 14 (katie- 14 and 1/2)

Birthday: September 24th, 1990

Birthday: September 2nd, 1990 (I, Nicole, am younger barely and wiser and much more mature and literate) ha ha ha (yeah sure. whatever you say... crazy that one, i tell you) (ur da crazy one!) (shush)

Location: New York, USA

Favorite Bands/ Singers: SIMPLE PLAN!!!, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, All-American Rejects, Avril Lavigne, Three Days Grace, Lostprophets, Ashlee Simpson

Fav Bands/ Singers: Jimmy Eat World, Modest Mouse, the Strokes, Simple Plan, the Clash, Green Day, Phantom Planet, Good Charlotte,Story of the Year,The Killers (yeah baby, mr. brightside!), Flogging Molly, Franz Ferdinand, Three Days Grace,the Dropkick Murphy's,the Exies, Sugarcult, Jet, Dashboard Confessional,the Calling and Switchfoot

Fav TV Shows: Clubhouse (it was cancelled! tear...), Jack and Bobby, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Grounded For Life (cancelled), The Mountain (cancelled), and What I Like About You

Fav Movies: the Sandlot, First Kid, War of the Buttons, Not Another Teen Movie, Pleasantville, Pearl Harbor, the Notebook, Mean Girls, Waking Ned Devine, Remember the Titans, Forrest Gump, Sixteen Candles, Bend It Like Beckham, Ned Kelly, Pirates of The Caribbean, Finding Nemo and 10 Things I Hate About You

Likes: Bobby McCallister, shorts, Ice Tea (damn lent), dorks, Peter Pan, veins (you know when guys have muscles and the veins pop out on their arms), Liam Aiken, Vanilla, Scottish People, Ireland, Red haired People, Lucas, TV, Fuse,Chocolate, SIMPLE PLAN!!!, People with blue hair and/or blue eyes, Joel Madden( the hottest slice of flippin pizza ever!!!!), Guys with English or Australian Accents (IRISH TOO!), The Yankees, and Tamora Pierce books

Dislikes: Bush, pants, Nicole, Chocolate, the cold, Practicing Piano, Katie, Strawberry, Seafood, Poultry, Our Sisters, Hilary Duff and Brittany Spears, Mrs. DiStefano, and Mr. Muratore

Our Similarities: We can't spell (like at all) , We are both FABULOUS, We both think we are FABULOUS, we are both short and have blue eyes (hehe shut up), We are both evil and the nicest people ever at the same time and we are both extremely crazy (i'm crazy sometimes... not always)

ps- i (katie) like pirates of the caribbean too, but i just didn't think of it... so ha

PPS- i (nellie) really do have blue eyes my er brown contacts just cover them up (hah kiwi hah) oh and i think that you should not believe anything that kiwi says because she's a meanie! ( i am not a meanie- nellie just refuses to admit that i am almost always right. its a fact of life. deal with it, babe) (u really are a meanie you evil meanie, now you deal with it, babe) (i don't have to do anything my Mummy says i don't have to... and you hurt my feelings! *tear*)(u hurt my feeling! and ur mummy said be nice to me and u cant feed me to the crows! meanie head! i feel so unloved) (don't feel unloved... all i want for christmas is you, nellie) (awww thank you all I want for christmas is you) (yay! i feel like so totally special. to quote u, you uber valley girl)(im not a flippin valley girl!!!!) (sure... and friends don't let friends date mullets, unless they are on John Stamos)

Story Status:

'The Royal Romances'-(our first story together) In Progress

Chapters Writen- uhh alot...

Chapters Up- Prologue- 8

Summery- a bunch of people in a place doing naughty things (JUST KIDDING)

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