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Hi! I'm Brianna Michelle Summers. (Call me Brianna -OR STORMY!-...btw, not my real name) I love to read and write stories, from originals to fan fictions.

And, just so you know, please, please review my stories! I practically cry every time I read a review, it means so, so much that someone took the time to write something positive down, and that's what inspires me to keep writing a story. I love you guys!

About Me: I am a girl with a passionate love for writing. I am a complete head-over-heels hopeless romantic, the kind that believes in love where it's impossible. 90% of my stories are love stories. Very few will ever end with anything but a happy ending - of course, they're lucky just to end most of the time. I am a very uncommitted writer. I have practically abandoned all hope of ever publishing a novel. My attention span is just too short. My longest story is only 18 handwritten pages, wide ruled, and I write large. I really hope to change this. (6/22/12 Note - currently, I think "Fate Has Its Own Path" over on is probably longer. Just saying.)

My Writing Strengths: Because I am an artist, I see things very visually and very vividly in my mind. I am observant; I notice little things. This comes out in my writing as bright imagery that I truly pride myself in. Also, I hold my spelling and grammar to an extreme standard. Not that anything can't be improved upon; I have flaws!

My Writing Weaknesses: I tend to write things from a very static character's point of view. My characters all seem very similar unless they are radically different. I have a hard time establishing subtle differences in these characters. I also find it difficult to keep characters true to themselves- even in fanfics, they say and do what I want them to when I want them to, no questions asked! This is something I hope writing fanfics will improve upon.

My Hobbies Include: drawing, reading, writing, riding horses, painting model animals, and just surfing the web.

I Love To Write Stories About: Romance. Remember the hopeless-romantic thing? Please review my fanfics and tell me what you think! I love to get and give feedback, and I will certainly review a story of yours if it includes an interest of mine.

I Love: cats, horses, THG, Katniss x Peeta, Pokémon, being nice, helpfulness, REVIEWS.

I Hate: Twilight. With a passion. Don't even bring it up around me. Ever. Period.

Pet Peeves: VERY BLATANTLY IMPROPER GRAMMAR / SPELLING. I cannot stress this enough! Proofread, people, or get someone to do it for you!!

Favorite Colors: purple, neon pink, neon yellow, turquoise.

Favorite Foods/Music/Singer/Actress/Actor/Animal: macaroni n cheese, ice cream // country and pop // Jesse McCartney // Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) // Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) // horses and cats

Amilla: my character. About fifeen usually. Short, light brown hair that is darker at the tips. Green eyes. 5'4". 120 lbs. (at fifteen) // in THG, district 3 tribute with a love for her brother, Donum, and sister Wira. Has cat named Rainbow. Strong in distance battle, weak in melee. Works repairing music chips. // In Pokemon, no specialty trainer with a team consisting of a Vulpix, Ninetails, Raichu, Eevee, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Charmeleon, Growlithe, and Pidgey. Keeps Vulpix and Eevee on her at all times, others alternate.

Thank you!

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One more thing! If you want to check out my art, my deviantart is my homepage!
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Firefly reviews
Forced to flee from their ranch ten years ago by infected, Stormy Summers and her horse Rhyme fight to survive on the harsh streets of a run-down, inescapable Minneapolis. When Stormy, searching for any sign of her cousin, learns of a mythical horse named Firefly who might hold the secret to a vaccine preventing humans from becoming infected, she pursues it.
Fiction: Action - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,035 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/11/2013