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Hi. My name is Alex, and I'm a girl in case you were wondering (since my name can be a male/female name). As you can tell, I'm a writer. I can never stop thinking like a writer. At the movies, sitting on the couch, even while I'm asleep, I'm imagining another world, another place. I'm a writer a hundred and twenty percent of the time, and I'm rarely paying attention to reality, because isn't fiction just better?

There's never a time when I'm not picturing what my characters are doing, saying, thinking. I'm always thinking what they are thinking, feeling what they're feeling, hearing what they're saying to one another. Sad, I know, but I'm in love with the fictional worlds I create and I'm proud to say so. I always have a pen and paper with me wherever I go, so that when something comes to mind I really don't want to forget I write it down instantly. Lately that's been happening more than ever.

Music is a passion of mine. I can't sing, or play any instruments, and I don't think of myself as the most gifted dancer on the floor, but I love music. Every song, from the lyrics to the beat, tells a story too. And, with those stories, they help me create the ones I write. Usually I never go without music while writing, as it helps with the flow of the storylines. Sometimes I put a song on repeat to keep that specific flow going.

I would love reviews, suggestions, opinions on my books please. And thank you if you have or will. I don't expect daisies and butterflies in your reviews, but I also would appreciate manners. Give me criticism, because I need it. I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be. Please, if you have read any chapter in my story, review it. I don't want over 300 hits and find that only 1 person has reviewed it. I want those 299 others to have reviewed it too! Because I need to know what, or if, there's work needed to be done.


If you have any questions or whatever, feel free to message me.

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