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Username: fireaangel
Name: you can call me Yuki (Yuki is my official penname)
Gender: female
Occupation: artist, singer/songwriter, author, graphics artist/layout designer xP
Hobbies: drawing, thinking, writing, singing, computer stuff, inventing conspiracies with my friends involving aluminum foil and plastic forks
History: Shunned by society in general. My friends are pretty much outcasts themselves and my family is just plain weird. But I love them!
Favorites: (anime/manga) Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, Fruits Basket, Chibi Vampire, Vampire Knight
Dislikes: bad language, haters, selfishness, nuts, the government, being outside, bugs/insects (except butterflies), and...the list continues...
Likes: life, happiness, cereal, good friends, church, my hobbies, water, being inside, sand, and...the list continues...

My official website:

Pairings (my stories)
(plus more, probably xD)

I will usually write a bunch of chapters and then post them all at'm not exactly on a schedule to update, although I'll try to have something new up every two or three weeks for sure. (Not)
I am not asking/begging ANYONE to leave me a review, because I feel that reviewing should be only a matter of choice to the reader. Meaning, if you want to give me reviews, I would be more than happy to accept them, but I am not going to force the matter of reviewing on anyone.

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6-16-09 Uploaded two new poems. Might upload some more in an hour or so.
6-15-09 Yeah. I know. I have neglected this site. Tears of agony and despair. But, do not fear, because I shall be uploading a bunch of poems later.
2-12-09 OMG I am so excited!! xD My design illustrations are almost done but I'll have to finish those before I post the story itself up...and you can check out the pics on deviantart. ANYWAYS today, I uploaded some songs I wrote last year...
1-07-09 Okay I am back with a new manga! Yay me! Won't be posted just yet...
12-29-08 Got back from a trip to Gatlinburg yesterday. All I did was go to the aquarium. Yay fishies!! :D I wrote a lot of songs and poems while there so yeah... I now have a total of 3 reviews! Yay! Thank you so much for reviewing!
12-23-08 Updated story info. I got my first review! Yay! :DDD
12-21-08 "Animation" is posted! Yay! It's just a poem, but hey, I like poems! :D
12-16-08 I am bringing out the motivational whip (inside joke) on myself and I am going to focus on just two stories at a time. This round it's The One Who Saves, because I have gotten so far ahead of it in my head and have only barely started the first chapter, and Sweet Silence, because I got a review on it the other day and it somehow motivated me to start writing the seventh chapter. So! Aside from that I have brought out the motivational whip regarding other things on which I have been slacking off as yeah. You can expect some new Dev Art stuff BEFORE Christmas...and I MEAN it this time!

Currently working on:

new manga, still untitled but the temporary name is "Haruka"

My stories:

I have more fanfics than I do original stories, but here are some of my originals. (not on site)

Vampire Angel: NEWS--VA has been combined with Alena. The title is still Vampire Angel, but the plot is different and it's a novel instead of a manga. New summary: "Ishikawa Tokiko and Alena Mathews are paid rebels trying to overthrow the new and overpowerful government. Times are rough, and people have little faith. But that is precisely why they will win. " The government is a combined force, and everyone who's not an ally is hurt because of the changes made. Everything has gotten so out of hand that some help is literally Heaven-sent... The story is SO much more interesting now that I combined the girlish TMM ripoff VA and the stupid present-day vamp story Alena... I am so proud of myself :DDD Still on hiatus, as far as the actual writing goes.

Untitled vamp story: I might call it 'Echo' after the main character, whose name is Hibiki Shizuru. Shizuru and her overly-cheerful mom move to a town called Osorenoku after Shizuru's father abandoned her and her older brother Samuke vanished. Little do they know that the town--and its school--is full of vampires! This is the story of Shizuru's crazy life as she struggles to cope with the new situations, challenges, friendships, hardships, and love she faces. Includes very interesting characters with real and sometimes troublesome backgrounds that people can actually relate to. Rated T for safety, OT if anything gets out of hand. Manga-/graphic novel-type story. Unwritten. All I have so far is the character descriptions and overall layout. PROJECT DISCONTINUED. Reason: lack of involvement, plot depth, and a point.

Wake Me Up When September Ends: I know there's a song by that name or something, but this story has nothing to do with it. I don't even remember who made the song. I don't even know why that's the title of this story. O.o Anyway, it's about this magical future Earth where evil is rising again and it's up to the main character, Arsym Venedette, to conquer it. I love the plot, but everything else is rather stupid. I have to work out the kinks and give everything flashier names (such as the weapons). Rated T for safety. Incomplete. On hiatus.

Sworn to Silence: I guess you could call it a 'dreamfic'. I had a dream a few years ago and decided to write a story about it. "Silence. Yeah, that's pretty much the world I live in. But I don't really mind it--not that much. I really can't complain...I've got the bases covered and I live with my family. But that itself is the entire problem. My parents are executives of the Black Market, so I'm leading double lives." The story itself is much more interesting than any summary I could ever give you... Rated T for violence. Incomplete.

Flavor of the month


Food: cereal, waffles, peanut buttered toast, and steamables veggies

Subject: art and web design

Leisure: art, writing, web design

FF author: Cherrie-Sakura

FP author: ?

FF story: "Thirty Kisses" by Arisadonna

FP story: "The Album" by Sunday Night Sky (collection of songs)

Music artist: 3 Doors Down, Red

Song: "Kryptonite" - 3 Doors Down, "Never be the Same" and the rest of Red's new album Innocence and Instinct

Anime: Bakugan, Yu-gi-oh 3D'S

Manga: Rosario Vampire, my manga (title is a tie between "Missing" and "Unfamiliar Me")

Weather: undecided! One day it's warm then the next it's cold! Hopefully it's getting better though...

National Holiday: Summer! And...Father's Day...?

Saying: "Fish."

General: Feedback gives me so much motivation!!

Friends on FP

Haven't communicated with anyone enough yet...does anyone want to be friends? :D

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