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Age: 31

Sex: Male

Location: Washington, DC

Level of Education: Bachelor's Degree in International Studies. Master's Degree in Russian and East European Studies.

Religious Affiliation: Born and raised Episcopalian. However, it's not central in my life.

Hobbies: watching anime, reading, watching documentaries, playing strategy games, model railroading, and of course, writing.

I'm a simple guy who is trying to make sense of the world around him. I do this by studying how the political world works with international studies. It started out as a love of history, first for American history especially the Civil War, and then it grew into a love for Europe in the Napoleonic Era, and has brought me to 20th century international history, with a special focus in the two world wars and the Cold War. My area of focus is Russia and the former Soviet Union. I don't know what about it especially drew me to it but I've grown to love its history, its culture, its language, and a great respect for the Russian people.

I'm not just into history and international politics though. I'm also an avid anime fan and have written fanfiction for different anime shows before coming on here. But I got a little tired of the fanfiction business so I chose to come here. I'm into whatever anime seems interesting but my favorite anime of all time has to be Eureka Seven. When I get to posting, I might do some manga-oriented stories. I have some ideas that I think would make good anime but of course the studios don't listen to me...

As for writing style, I'm greatly into realism. I don't normally write about sci-fi/fantasy stuff unless it's steampunk, of which I am a great fan. Usually I use mid-20th century environments so if settings seem to be not as modern or post-modern or whatever you like to call it, you know why. ;)

Not much else to tell I think.

Until next time, take care.

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