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I'm a big Harry Potter fan and I also love fantasies, I would appreciate plenty of R&R as I have aspirations of being a proffesional writer, maybe even be as good as JKR. I've created a Fantasy world with an original history called Exelcier, pretty cool huh? no? well we'll see about that!

And so with his last strength the great beast falls,
but alas he is not dead; the light shone on him was not pure.
Two years hence he will arise more powerful than before,
two years hence the people will forget his terror.
The world will once again kneel to his power,
the people will feel despair like nothing ever before.
But in times of great despair there is always hope,
five warriors from five lands will unite to destroy the beast.

The first warrior comes from the land of the small,
he brings his hammer and his strength.
The second warrior comes from the land of the tall,
he brings his wisdom and his magic.
The third warrior comes from the land of the trees,
he brings his bow and his perception of nature.
The fourth warrior comes from the land of the enemy,
he brings his skills as an assassin and his knowledge of the enemy.
The fifth warrior comes from the land of the savage,
he brings his axe and his will to fight.

Though brave these souls are and powerful their might is,
their mission is doomed to failure without a sixth warrior.
He comes from no land of Exelcier and brings with him one gift,
this one gift is more powerful than all the others combined.
He comes from a past without courage and enters a world withou cowardice,
but he is destined to finally destroy the beast, this Wonder Boy
-Kilrann, the prophecy of the Dragon Wars

blink, blink* I have that memorized. I didn't even need the book.

Sorry, I have to apologise to those people who have been asking me when I'm going to update my stories. I'm in the middle of the first quarter writing a proffesional story. I would tell ya what it's called but I've been told not to. Wish me luck and if I get any sparetime. I'll write some more of these stories. and thanx to all those people who gave me a vote of confidence!

P.S My e-mails bugged up so I have had to temporarily change it to General_Kaiden@ I don't really like Hotmail but I don't have a choice. So if you sent me e-mail and it hasn't been replied to, this is why! so send your e-mail to this address.

P.P.S I am listening to the Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone soundtrack, it rulz!

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