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Hey, my name is Kendra and I was born to write. I'm an eleventy hundred year old faerie made out of porcelain. My eyes are sapphires, not metaphorically, but literally. Three of the small gems make up one of my eyes. My mouth is painted on and although it looks perfect it leaves me with a bit of a problem. I can't talk. So, alas, I am forced to write instead. Robbed from many hair salons, my hair is a shimmering silver than would probably be shoulder length if pulled from the stupid hairstyle it was forced into. A little bronze knob sticks from my back and is occasionally twisted. When it is, I play a dreary sad song about love lost and cry until blue trails of dust run down my pale face. Maybe one day, I'll be able to sing along...

Believe me when I say, No Day But Today.

December 26, 06 Okay, I have all of Faerie Tale for the Disturbed written. All that needs to be done is editing. So I'll update as I edit. Love you all!

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