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The avatar I use is me holding my first paperback novel. All copyrights reserved.


Happy Independence Day America! :)



Yay! Paperbacks of my first novel have arrived!

Currently they are only available through this link: or from me personally. Although paperbacks are coming soon to Amazon.

Dangerous Temptation {New Adult Paranormal Romance} is a compelling, emotion packed adventure that will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end.

Seventeen year old Kaitlin Sinclair's world crashes when her father, deployed overseas, dies. Forced to move to Indonesia, she resides with an uncle she never knew existed.

Enter Cadmon Quinn, the newly appointed leader of the Caspians, a clan of tiger Shifters. Haunted by his inability to stop his twin sister's murder, he fears he will fail his clan when they need him the most.

Their lives are irrevocably entwined during an adventure full of mystique and danger. When Kaitlin uncovers her parents' secrets and confronts her private demons, they soon realize that keeping their hearts safe could prove as impossible as staying alive!

Adventure and paranormal lovers should not pass up this book! Order today.

Available at:




Coffee Time:


To all my readers/fans:

I haven't abandoned any of you. I'd never do that! I intend to complete my fan-fictions as time allows. I apologize in advanced for the waiting periods between updates. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

P.S. Throughout the years here I've used two pen-names. My original was KittyB78.

I've beta'd for a lot authors on this site, and I've mentored many more. Occasionally I still beta for a few writers on this site. So, don't be surprised if you see my name mentioned in other fics.


Fave quotes:

"An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism, and encouragement." -me

"Life will always knock you on your ass. Learn to roll with the punches and get back up. Then go again." -me



I just completed my first radio interview! Listen to it here:


I just learned the above radio show is already the #1 ranked radio show about writing. It's only been a little over three days since the show aired. Talk about blown away! Thank you ladies, for allowing me to be part of such an awesome adventure. :)


I'm a Christian and proud of it! Everything I have, I owe to the good Lord, and I'm not ashamed to say it.


Over the years I've received many artworks for my stories. Thank you, to all of the talented artists for taking time to bless me with those thoughtful gifts. Each one is appreciated and brings a smile to my face.


I saw this and had to share it. One of my closest friends is a Marine, fighting to keep us safe. My father is also a Marine. I couldn't be prouder of either of them! :)

US Marines:

You can have your army khaki,
You can have your navy blue,
But there's still another fighter
I'll introduce to you.

His uniform is different,
The best you've ever seen,
The enemy, calls him devil-dog,
But his real name is Marine.

Some are trained at Paris Island,
The land that God forgot,
Where the sand is fourteen inches deep
And the sun is scorching hot.

He has a set many a table
And many a dish he has dried
He also learned to make a bunk,
A broom he sure can guide.
He's peeled a million onions
and twice as many "spuds".
And he spends all his leisure time
Washing up his duds.

So girls, take a little tip
I'm handing it to you,
Just get yourself a good Marine
For there's nothing he can't do.
And when he gets to the Pearly gates
To Saint Peter He will tell,
"Another Marine reporting Sir,
I've done served my time in hell."

Semper Fi! - Author Unknown {If this is yours, please tell me so I can put your name here. Thanks! :)}


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