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My status as dead, living, or nonliving is classified.

:waves: Long time no update... (again.)

(The kitty in the blurry picture is Candace (a.k.a. Candi, Baby, Ankle-Biter, Fusser, etc.). We've had her for almost five years now. She is partly crippled and mostly toothless and wholly fat and still manages to keep the house underneath her iron paw. Clearly, she is made of awesome.)


I'm Kohikari (also known as Hinohikari, Korinohikari, Taerra, Chiridena, Seikawa-Hikaru, Judy-chan, and Federal Disaster Area No. 3586E504). I turn 21 next February. I still get mistaken for a fifteen-year-old, of course.

Below you will find my high school emo poetry. I can really only stomach rereading Breaking Containment and The Child (haha I am a genius titler, I am), but I don't believe in taking things down for, like, posterity and such. So the angst stays--suicide!emofic #1, suicide!emofic #2 (that was going to be part of an epic(al)ly emo series, but I have the attention span of a gnat on crystal meth and lost the notebook), stupid rambling crack, emo poetry #1, emo poetry #2, emo poetry #3, emo poetry #4, half-assed attempt at a sci-fi multichap (lost the notebook containing ch.2, naturally), emo nuke reflection, emo...something (it's short), a corkscrewed attempt at objective self-reflection, aaand borderline-emo poetry. (New drinking game: do a shot for every time the word 'emo' showed up in this paragraph if you want to die of alcohol poisoning! Yaaay!)

Also there is this recent thing, because of the tortured-poet bone, and also the why-the-fuck-not bone. Looked for a title, because too many 'Untitled's are unoriginal, and picked "whirl and turn" on a whim. Hopefully e.e. cummings' ghost won't rise up out of the grave and smack me for using his schtick too long...

I have a (sadly neglected) account on ff.n: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/703129/kohikari

And way back in the day, when I was a tiny bundle of n00bsause, I had a website/blog/thing:

I'm also on dA, though I haven't really done anything in a couple years:

More recently, though, I live on the elljay and analyze metafandom (or whatever the hell it is I do when I'm procrastinating and have a fit of OCD at the ff.n statistics):

I used to spend most of my interacting time on the elljay and my old stomping grounds, MMPU: Miss you guys. Three years is a long time on the internets.

Reviews are sweet. I rather like them. Even if the content they're reviewing rather embarrasses me. ...I forgot what I wanted to say, but consider yourself free of any obligation to bother.

I don't write much anymore, if at all. I'm good at the English language, but my brain doesn't seem to speak any human language, so translating can be tough. I still read, of course (some bad fanfic, some good hardcopy). I build characters and worlds and such in my head, like always, and take notes. I make up stories to get myself to sleep at night. I just don't write them down. Kind of pride myself on not leaving a paper trail, even if the annoying self-conscious awkwardness does make it difficult to keep track of things. Am in my sophomore year at Salem State College, majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Chemistry (the Chem classes the major requires automatically qualify us). Mostly just trying to socialise myself and become a functioning adult.


(edited after going over the ToS and such again:

This all seems a little...fascist. I mean, I understand not wanting someone to post in all capslock--that's just annoying--but not allowing a title to be all capital letters? And "immediate action" will be taken if someone doesn't spellcheck properly, or doesn't conform to traditional grammar rules? Pardon me, but isn't the point of a lot of poetry to screw conventional grammar for the sake of expression? Also, speaking as someone who knows the English language better than--according to the SATs--ninety-nine percent of everyone else, let me tell you there are very few native English speakers who can actually spell better than a computer (and computers kind of suck), and just as few if not fewer who have a firm grasp on traditional grammar; and this isn't even taking into account those who learn English as a second or third language.

The biggest problem is not that people are stupid (though they often can be), but that the English language trumpets its structure of a few simple rules, and then sixty percent of the language is an exception to at least one of those rules. (E.G. "I before E, except after C...or when sounding like A as in 'neighbour' or 'weigh'...unless it's weird..." and so on and so forth.) Some days I find myself wanting to believe Dave Kellett about the English language being "carefully, carefully cobbled together by three blind dudes and a German dictionary," except that it's not that simple and there's also French and Latin and Greek in there, everywhere, as well as the fact that snippets of other languages--words, grammar, syntax--manage to inexplicably find their way in; I must retreat behind James Nicoll's "The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."

And this all is not mentioning the ban on script format--particularly troublesome for scriptwriters for screen and stage; I was forced to go to dA to put up the stuff I did for Playwriting class in junior year--and then, of course, the Fictionratings.com reference site for K, K-plus, T, M, etc. was 404 Not Found. (Full disclosure: I had a bit of a giggle.) Now I realise that, like ff.n, f/p's "guidelines" are likely more theoretical than practiced, and rarely if ever enforced, but even for the sake of scaring transgressors and first-timers straight (well, those that actually read the damn fine print) this goes a little far. Having had ff.n and f/p as my bases for fanfic and ofic for years and years now, it makes me rather sad to think of stuff like this scaring people to other sites (though I actually can't think of any other ofic sites off the top of my head, having spent most internet reading in the realms of fanfic and keeping my ofic focus on hardcopy books).

It reminds me a bit of the over-the-top YOU MUST INPUT YOUR BIRTH DATE AND TYPE YOUR SIGNATURE HERE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW portal to AFF; I suppose it probably does the job of shooing away the most timid of underage smut-seekers, but it's not actually going to stop a determined kid or teen from lying and clicking anyway (didn't stop me before I was legal--and that reminds me, with the disparity in local law of sexual legality, using eighteen years as a litmus test is really impractical; in Massachusetts, for instance, you're legal at seventeen). And really, it's not like this is graphic photos of violent child pornography or something. I myself got into my mother's stash of trash novels at the tender age of ten. I kind of want to go off on a rant about if the schools and families are not giving the children decent sex ed then it's their own faults when the kids go off to learn the Kama Sutra from Wikipedia, and all this Victorian-era pish-posh about oh dear, sexuality is a dirty dirty thing, hide your ankles you scandalous wench...!! but this is like totally not the forum for that, so. Ahem. Nevermind.)

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