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Hey! Im steph and i live in new jersey and i LOVE to write. im gonna include some cool stuff in this bio when i have time but i dont right now so ill be succinct.

Oh, and right now i hate EVERYONE because, well, I think it has something to do with the SATs. I'll tell you if I figure it out.

Please PLEASE read Moocowula's story! hes sad that only people he know have read it. I welcome e-mails and IMs from people so don't be shy! oh and please read The War Path: The Golden Dragon by Gareth Jones. It is an excellent story but i am the only one who has reviewed it so far! horrible!

oh, and i am very sorry for having to thin my favorite authors list, but i ran out of room. so from now on the guidelines for going into my favorite authors list are: you must have evoked some kind of special emotion from me, i.e. laughter, tears, terror, etc., you get my drift, i must have liked all your work, every little piece of it, there can't be a lot of errors in your work, because that shows me you don't really care about it, and anyone i know personally automatically goes into my favorite authors for fear of a beating.

ok now that i went on that little spiel, a little about myself. im gonna take a page out of most people's books on this site and kinda just make lists. yes i am very lazy, i am a taurus ^_~


height:5'4", i am a tiny person, i know

fave foods: definitely anything alfredo, or my grandmother's special meatballs, mmm, they are so good!

fave video games: ok gonna have to go with dot hack, bloodrayne, myst, medal of honor, diablo and diablo 2, house of the dead, dark cloud, dark cloud 2, dynasty warriors, tekken, eternal darkness, resident evil, can you tell i like zombies, vampires, and demons? if you have ps2 i definitely DEFINITELY recommend Bloodrayne. The graphics are excellent, theres no place you cant go, you can break anything, everythings cool, oh and the fact that you suck blood to regain health doesn't hurt anything either. and if you already have it but are stuck just im or email me cause i know everything there is to know about that game!

fave anime: hmmmm i dont really have favorites i like most of it but i definitely do have A favorite, and that would be Angel Sanctuary. Warning, this anime is NOT for the weak at heart. and i also like Blood: the last vampire, and X the movie, and X the series

fave manga: magic knight rayearth, .hack, and x-day
fave authors: i love LOVE Clive Barker, in my opinion he is one of the greatest horror writers ever, ummm, Charles de Lint, Dean Koontz(my friend is actually Dean Koontz's cousin), Stephen King, James Patterson, some other people that i'll remember later of course!

fave books: Mists of Avalon, the Dragonlance series, and oh my God, The Death Gate Cycle. These are seven books by the same two people who wrote the original Dragonlance, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. those two are fantasy GODS, or well Tracy's a God and Margaret's a Goddess hehe. Imajica, Everville, Abarat, The Great and Secret Show, The Earth Children series, Xanth is just funny, hmm what else. Sophies World (yes cici after i watched you carry this around everywhere i decided to read it

fave movies: resident evil, cube, dahmer, scary movie 1 and 2, gotta see 3! chocolat, mists of avalon, lord of the rings (both animated and real lol) Smilla's Sense of Snow, some other stuff i dont remember now

fave bands: a perfect circle, of course, haha, ummm, relient K, yes i know they are a punk christian band but i love them, slayer, coldplay, afi, finch, filter, brand new, ill think of more later


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