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Name: Mira Watanabe
Online Name: Michikaru (Michi)
DOB: December 19
Age: 19+

Yahoo E-mail and YIM: Mira_watanabe

Stories Progress:

Gundam Wing Story:
Shinigami's Stage, Chapter 01-13: Editing
Shinigami's Stage, Chapter 14: Coming Soon
Saltwater Tears, Chapter 01: In Planning

Harry Potter Story:
La Masquerade, Chapter 01: In Panning
Blind Ignorance, Chapter 02: On Hiatus

Hikaru no Go:
Facing the World Alone, Chapter 6: In Writing

Places of worship -- Myspace : LiveJournal : DeviantART : YouTube : FanFiction.net : MediaMiner.org : FanfictionPress.com : AdultFanFiction.net : Shinigami's Stage Webpage : Mahō no Yaoi (Magical Yaoi)

Favorite Places to Visit:
Harry Potter Slash -- The Silver Snitch : The Restricted Section
Gundam Wing Yaoi -- 1x2x5 : GW Addiction
InuYasha: Kags/Sessy -- A Single Spark
Favorite Quotes:
“The thing about revenge is that it takes a woman who is well and truly pissed to get it right.” ~Jennifer Apodaca
"Ugliness is better than beauty. It lasts longer and in the end, gravity will get us all." ~ Johnny Depp

Favorite Authors:
Naomi – (No longer writing, I am sad!)
Kracken -
They have a lot of good fan fiction, but they update too slow!

Special Friends:
Avalon Hunter (AKA: Avaanace) - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/107868/
Arashi - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/58765/

Favorite Harry Potter Scene: "Salir," by Batsutousai "Salir," by Batsutousai

Harry rolled his eyes and pointed his wand at his mouse ((originaly a cup)) -- which Tom had apparently stunned -- to change it into a garden snake.

Tom turned to glare at his partner, but found the other boy immersed in his Defense text.

"Cobre ((aka: Harry)), are you just going to let your cup wander?" Tom asked as the snake found its own way onto the ground to search around.

"It's harmless. I figure I'll let it eat someone else's cup before I change it back." Harry replied tartly.

"It's not big enough to eat a mouse."

"Should I make it bigger, then?" Harry glanced up from his textbook curiously, catching Tom's gaze for the first time that day.