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The Mirage Children Blog

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Note: The blog begins four months before the prologue of Neon X: The Mirage Children, so Zac hasn't even met the Mirage Children yet. Yes, I will post there from time to time about story stuff, but most posts will be from the Mirage Children themselves... (not really, but just pretend. ;) )

Story Info

Recently, I've gone WAAAAAY too far on expanding Neon X. I've already come up with four sagas of four books. It's gone really good, and I'm ready to write... a lot of stuff. So... yeah.

Neon X is basically the chronicles of the war against Chaos. The Inferno Saga will be the first saga, made up of four books. The first is called the Mirage Children, and introduces every character, and tells of the beginning of the War. The major characters are Zac, Will, Tecarus, Garahm, Serra, and Eco. More on this later.

I'm working on yet another way to expand Neon X, which will probably be posted soon. It's working title is "Halfway" and it's about a boy named Koza and seven other characters, who go on a quest to end the war between Technology and Magic, and stop the rebirth of Chaos. It might be a stand-alone, but I always imagined it to be a saga.

Anyway, I've come up with a brilliant stand-alone story, but it'll take awhile to begin.


About My Writing

My life has been all about Neon X. Many of the events of my life were based off of it, and much of it was the sad parts. Of course, I made it an expandable universe, and there is a lot of back story. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy writing it. Account


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Who Am I?

Name: mmm122 (or Tape Boy)

Age: 13 (Yeah...)

Gender: Male (Last time I checked)

Occupation: Writer (Don't I wish. XP)

13 Facts About Me

I love to read
I like writing
Math is my strongest subject
I like cheese
I stay on the Internet at least 3 hours a day
I'm okay at editing pics
I use Mozilla Firefox
Webcomics are awesome
I have Windows Vista
I get my jokes off of candy wrappers and calenders
I like manga/anime
I am teh 133kness
There is no 13th... Mysterious!

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