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Username: MonoSpectator

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Age: 16

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I'm just a humble writer looking to unleash my imagination upon the world.


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8/27/13 - I FINALLY joined FictionPress and started to really use my account. It's about freaking time...

8/27/13 - I'm going to try and participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Time to brace myself .



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A Novel Writer's Questionnaire:

1. Many novelists have been writing for a very long time. Tell us about the first story you remember writing – or if you have no clue, tell us about your first serious attempt at a novel. What was the end result? Did you scrap it, lock it in a trunk, or rework it into something else?

Honestly, I remember actually sitting down and writing stories when I was very young. Probably around 7 or 8. My first attempts at writing novels came around middle school. Most of them were either thrown away or got lost ''.

2. Have you always wanted to write novels, or do different lengths of stories spark your interest? Have you written anything outside of novels?

Ever since I've enjoyed reading novels I've really wanted to write them. I've always had a really vivid imagination, so being able to organize my thoughts into a new world that people can step into and enjoy is something that has always kept my interest. I do, however, enjoy writing short stories and poems, as well as songs.

3. Just out of curiosity, what's your take on poetry?

I LOVE poetry! Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poet and his short stories are also some of my favorite pieces of writing.

4. The most hated question of all: where do you get your ideas? Do they come out of thin air, or do you spend weeks/months/years coming up with something suitable?

A lot of the time my ideas that I have are influenced by the songs I listen to and the things I'm watching, but a lot of the time it's my dreams and such that influence my newest ideas.

5. Have you ever created a world or universe from top to bottom? How did you do it?? Where did you start? Have you ever been so wrapped up in a universe that it spawns many more ideas than originally intended?

I've created new worlds before. Usually I start with the environments and cultures of the people there. A lot of the time I like to create new languages for the people which adds a new layer to the culture of the people/creatures. I've definitely been wrapped in a universe which makes a lot of new ideas to add to the story. After all, many things can come out of brainstorming

6. How do you come up with names for characters? If you've ever had to invent names for places, tell us how you did that too!

Usually my process for creating names is about the same for anything. I take names from things that I've liked in the past or take parts of other languages and influences to piece together a name that has a deeper meaning to the character.

7. Do any of your stories involve different languages? How? Have you ever tried to create a whole new language? What's it called? How far in depth did you go (i.e. did you totally Tolkien it or what?)? Give us some translations

As I said before, I have attempted to make a new language however I wasn't prepared for how difficult creating something like that is, so I only got a few words here and there. It was so long ago I don't really remember what the words were though ''.

8. When you start to tackle a new storyline, how do you plot it out? Do you even bother, or just write as it comes to you?

I usually start out really broadly and establish a basic beginning, center event, and conclusion, then I'll flesh it out more and more from there. It's a fairly simplistic process for sorting out my ideas and such.

9. Say you have a storyline plotted out – either on paper or in your head – from beginning to middle to end. Where do you start writing? Are you one who writes chronologically?

I may not PLAN chronologically, but I DEFINITELY prefer to write my story chronologically. I feel like it would seriously mess up my writing if I tried to start from the end or something.

10. Most novelists have more than one story to share – how many writing projects do you have on the go, and are you able to work on them all simultaneously? Give us a brief synopsis of each project so we know what to look forward to!

Counting my fanfiction stories and my fiction stories, I currently am working on about 16 different stories. I don't like to disclose unwritten ideas on the internet though, so you'll have to wait til I start posting chapters to figure out what's in the works :D

11. How long does it usually take you to complete an entire story—from planning to writing to posting/publishing?

Months to years. It really depends on if I have the inspiration that I need and that I just feel generally motivated to do stuff.

12. Are you one of those people who need to shut themselves away in order to write, or do you go to a busy place and tune out? Share with us how you get in your zone!

Usually I like to be by myself when I write. I have a hard time focusing when it feels like someone is watching what I do. Privacy is key for me to do anything productive ''.

13. Some writers listen to music while writing, either for inspiration or to drown out distractions. Do you? How do you select the music you listen to, and do you find a difference in your writing when you write without it?

I use music with my writing whenever I feel like some kind of beat would inspire a scene, which is fairly often for me. Novels are just movies printed on paper waiting for our imagination to bring them to life, so music is a key element in that liveliness of the story. Depending on the scene, music might make a big difference to the piece of work.

14. Along the same lines, some writers take up a pen and draw for their stories as well – are you inspired to draw people, places, or scenes from your stories? If you have some images online, post some links to your favourite pieces!

I love drawing the characters in my stories, however if I was a bit better at sketching landscapes, I would try to draw places and such more. I want to draw comics in my free time though, so I have to practice anyway.

15. Is there a certain set schedule you follow for your writing, or do you write any time inspiration hits?

I try to set aside set days for writing, that way I have a flexible schedule with other things, however if a spurt of inspiration hits, then I'll definitely take the time to write it down.

16. What do you think is your greatest strength in your technical writing ability? Why?

I would guess that it's my formula when it comes to structuring my story. After all, without the framework your story might just fall apart.

17. Is there something about your writing style that annoys you and you wish to change?

I wish that my writing didn't seem so bland and repetitive. My goal is to make my writing more well rounded and interesting to readers.

18. Name your favourite protagonist and antagonist – they don't have to be from the same story – and explain why they're your favourite.

My favorite protagonist currently is probably Paul Atreides from the Dune series. As for favorite antagonist, it's really hard to decide. I love the 'bad guys' and it's always hard to figure out which I like more of another. I do really like the antagonists for some of Dean Koontz's books, as well as the antagonist(s) (I can't remember how many there were) from The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

19. Who's your most-loved side/minor character, and why?

This is an oddly difficult question...I love a lot of characters so it's hard to pinpoint just one. However, I do have an unhealthy obsession with the background character, Mapes, from Dune. I always have remembered her for NO reason. She's not even memorable. XD

20. What mode of narration do you typically use? (e.g. third person, first person, omniscient. Have you ever tried writing in a different narrative style? In your stories, do you ever hop back and forth between different characters' view points, or do you follow one character only? Why?

Normally I tend to write in 3rd person, but if I feel that if fits the style of the book or story I will use 1st person. I'm more comfortable with 3rd person, though, and tend to avoid writing in 1st person. I also like following multiple characters and alternating between view points. I feel it makes for a very interesting story. Occasionally I will focus on one central character though.

21. Spelling – is it your mortal enemy or a valuable friend? Does it bother you either way?

I'm fine with spelling. I think I'm pretty good at avoiding making spelling mistakes in my writing. Plus, I proofread my stuff a lot!

22. Do you find you have trouble with grammar, or have your grade-school language arts classes always stuck with you?

Basic grammar is simple for me, however the more complicated aspects really start to make my head spin when I write. After all, I'd hate for my audience to read a story full of grammar errors ;_;

23. Give us your favourite line(s) of dialogue from one of your stories! Make sure to put it in context, and of course name the story! Feel free to just copy and paste (or link!) a small scene if that's easier!

I honestly don't have any specific pieces of writing currently that I can say hold dialogue that is decent. I've returned to the writing world after a long hiatus, so most of my work is old and out-dated. I'm ready to refresh and improve my writing greatly.

24. Does the physical appearance of your characters play a big role in your stories? If so, explain how.

Yes and no. Sometimes my characters will have traits that are essential to the plot of the story and relate in some form or fashion, but often it will just be a case of their appearance reflecting a bit of their personality.

25. Have you ever designed a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them.

I've had many characters who suffer from multiple personalities, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder. I've also had characters who were blind and some who were mute.

26. Writers block: Have you ever had it? If so, did you force your way through it, or wait (im)patiently until your muse returned?

Writer's block is truly the bane of my existence. I feel like it just wants to keep me from doing anything productive. I've tried forcing my way through writer's block, but usually that just results in bad writing, so I take time and wait it out.

27. How willing are you to kill off your characters if the plot demands it? What's the most interesting way you've killed someone?

I love killing off characters, even if they are special. I've learned how big sacrifice in a story can be. As far as the most interesting way I've killed someone, this is hard to say. I've controlled many psycho killers so I have a lot of different methods of torture which I've used in killing characters, then I have simplistic forms such as being hit by a car.

28. Have you ever written about or described a battle/war? Was it complicated, out of your element, or did you crank that thing out in no time? Give us a brief overview of the scene – who's fighting who, some of the highlights, or gut-wrenching moments you're particularly proud of producing. Was this scene inspired by something? And if your scene's posted somewhere online, link to it!!

I don't think I've ever actually written about a war, however I have wrote little fight scenes here and there. Nothing very good though since I wrote them when I was first learning how to structure a battle.

29. Have you ever written a love scene? Call out the couple!! Were you able to go into details, or too squeamish to do so? What about it did you find simple or difficult? Again, if it's posted, share the link! Overall, what is your opinion of sexuality in today's literature – particularly that in online sites, like dA?

I've written a bunch of different scenes like this from softcore to hardcore. I'm not sqeamish about this kind of thing and my main issue nowadays is finding ways to make it more interesting to read about. I don't have a big problem with sexuality in today's literature as long as it's done with some kind of good taste in mind.

30. If there's another complicated or controversial scene or topic you are particularly proud of writing or would like to mention, write about it – or link us to it – here!

The only other thing I can think to put here is hardcore torture '' I've written that a few times.

31. Genres are a fuzzy topic because one novel can fit into many categories. Do you tend to work within one realm of writing, or jump between a bunch? Pick one or two of your stories and list which categories they fit into. Then list a few of your favourite genres, and some authors that you find particularly inspiring in each.

I usually have a few different genres that I work between. Most of my stories are at LEAST in the 'psychological' genre of literature that makes you really think when you're reading. My favorite genres are usually fantasy, sci-fi, psychological, historical, mystery, thriller, or action/adventure. Usually it's not a specific genre's author that inspires me for that said genre, but more so these authors who inspire me in general. People like Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Frank Peretti, and Frank Herbert are some of the authors I really admire.

32. Is there an author out there that you wish you could emulate? (Who's writing style do you like the best?) Feel free to say yourself.

Probably someone like Dean Koontz or Frank Herbert. Their writing is so great .