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I am the lone stander, because the media has made me that way. I am the victim, without want, am a New Orleanian at heart, and on paper. I am a survivor among many, I am the dawning of a new age of politicians and minds keen for peace. I am simply dominated, but not alone, and not defeated, just yet.


I am a lover of history. A historian at heart is what I like to say. I am a lover of Egypt. Ask me why, and I will tell you I have no idea. To quote Dr. Zahi Hawass when posed with the question of why he loved Egypt, “You see my love for something that is not the way I see it. I see it as my passion just because it is my own.” I am a lover of geography. Give me a map and I could stare at it for hours, memorizing its political boundaries and foreign names. I am a lover of International Politics. Whether it be an irate saying from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mahmoud Abbas and Ariel Sharon trying to get a long, or whatever it is the White House decides to do next, the game never fails to amaze me. I am a lover of music. To a different beat, far from home. I am a lover of foreign language, because that is just the way it is. I am a lover of words, the ultimate form of description.

I feel the need to move. A nomad, by any other name, I would still be the same. I feel the need to listen. Open my ears to whatever I’m being told. I feel the need to write. The sound of words when they come together creates music in a way a book could never teach you.

I need space, to be free from distraction. I need inspiration, to fuel my thoughts. I need time, for my aspirations.

I give my untrained psychiatric ear to those who need it. I give not enough to the world, because there could always be something more. I give a debate. Think Bill Maher vs. Franklin Graham. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to decide which side I’m on.

I fear restraint from freedom. Being unable to express my opinion, right or wrong. I fear a stationary life, without change or a new venue. I fear an end. To anything, life, place, a state of mind, it’s something I wish would never come.

I would like to experience everything time is willing to allow. I would like to travel. From sea to ocean, over mountains and under bridges, see the underground artwork of a German, listen to a French man’s conversation at a café, be in Vatican City and Rome at the same time, view the statues of Prague. From the land of the Golden Mummies to the war-torn region of Darfur, and the Baghdad Bazaar, tell me it’s dangerous, and you will only push me forward. Experience the coldness of Moscow, a night in Tokyo, a day in Bangkok, and then I’ll start all over again, because there will always be something I’ve missed. In fact, if I could, I’d simply run away and never come back.

I live to challenge someone or something. I live to make the message clear. I live for a purpose, that is all my own.

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