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Name: Virginia Park

Location: Colorado, USA

Genres: Pretty much everything.

I'm a stickler for spelling and proper grammar, but my biggest pet peeves are run-on sentences and improper use of capitalization. People call me a grammar Nazi, and maybe I am. So? Some of the best writers are grammar Nazis, I think, so it's no big deal in my personal opinion. But, for every good quality, there must be a flaw. It's what makes us human. And while I may be a pretty good writer, I tend to have a hard time finishing what I've started. It's my one major writing flaw. I'm a bit of a scatterbrain, and I tend to have a LOT of what I call "Shiny Object!" moments, which makes it difficult to concentrate on one project at a time. For example, I'm currently working on at least three different ideas. Hopefully at least one of them will make it to the finish line, huh?

I suffer from depression and anxiety as well, which makes writing very hard now and then. Unfortunately, it's a problem that makes me not want to do even the things I find the most fun in the world, writing and acting being the top two examples in my life. So please, keep all of this in mind when reading my stories. I need a lot of encouragement from the people who read my stories.

My Rules on Critiques:

Compliments are all well and good, and I enjoy getting them. Who doesn't, really? However, if you see something wrong with my writing, a typo or whatever, let me know. I take all suggestions and critiques to heart, as long as they're constructive and do something to help my writing improve. I've been writing for as long as I've been able to hold a pencil, but I'm always practicing and revising my writing style. I'm not afraid to change something if I think it could help. That being said, I don't change things simply because someone wants me to. I have to understand and be willing to change, like most everyone does in almost every situation.

I delete flames immediately. Simply put, if you don't like my stories, then don't read them. If you're only reading and commenting to cause conflict and make me feel bad, know that on top of my depression and anxiety, I also have anger issues and I will not be afraid to report someone for abusive behavior. I may be mousy, but I can be mean if pushed too far.

I only accept constructive criticisms and genuine critiques on my stories. Compliments are welcome, but empty compliments just make my head bigger than it already is (I have it in my head on occasion that I am the greatest writer alive), and I don't need that. So please, no matter how much you LOVE my stories, don't praise me. I really don't deserve it. ^_^

The Twilight novels are crap. They were written to appease some fifteen-year-old desire to have naughty sex with a hawt vampire, and that's about it. The series has taken a mondo-sized dump on the legend that was the vampire, and used the werewolf legend as its toilet paper. While the story may have its good points at times, it was poorly executed and written to the point that I literally could not get past the first book.
And, speaking from the point of view of an actor, the movies were poorly done as well. Badly adapted from the book (though this is, unfortunately, usually the case with movies) and horribly acted to boot.

Want me to tell you how I really feel? ^_^

Okay, so I really am a nice person at heart. I'm open-minded to most things, but I have a terrible amount of pet peeves that make it hard to live like a normal person. My life is entirely online or in my own head, and my imagination is always running rampant. It's really kind of sad, actually.

To contact me outside of fictionpress, you can go to the following sites:

Youtube: virginiarules510 (main account), GinnieOnTheRocks (side account, and vlog)
Blogger: Elphabawickedgal
Skype: Elphabawickedgal

I'm also known as Elphie on a lot of the sites I go to often. Yes, Wicked is my favorite musical, however did you know?