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--My name is Michelangelo Orion Santiago Cassidy, human representative for the galactic organization known as "C.A.N.C.E.L.x3" Containment and Absolute Negation of Certain Evils for Love. Liberty. Life. As the only human in a team that ranges from spectral Sirens to space squids, my job and my life have never been completely normal, I've been injected by evil scientists with wide ranges of powerful neurotoxins, deadly jellyfish venom, acidic substances, even a liquid sold at filthy bars in the under-cities of the most desolate planets. I have been through more life-threatening situations than anyone should be forced to endure. Yet I have a job to do in C.A.N.C.E.L., and I plan to complete any task given to me, for the pride of the human race.

-- During early childhood, I discovered that I had a rare telekinesis that is developed by being conceived behind a running kinesis engine during the winter solstice on the sixth moon of Kundor IV. This 'disorder' separated me from my classmates, who feared my abnormality. It was not until my seventh year at the space flight theory academy that I met another 'sishead, as was the slang for my disorder. He was a year older than me and helped me learn how to defend myself. After about three years we had a falling out, due to a difference in sanity.

-- Once I was selected as a candidate for the planetary police, I began school at the Academy of Lawful Protocol and Moral Theory. I was fifteen at this point of my life and I was determined to excel at whatever my career path was to be. So I worked hard in the academy, harder than I think I had ever worked for anything. Perhaps that was the reason I was chosen for my role as the representative for the human law enforcement among the galactic order's select few who served in C.A.N.C.E.L. and it is an honor to know that I am the key to human participation in the galactic counsel.

-- The galactic counsel creates laws that can range from littering fines to mass homicide penalties, from arson to the illegalization of cross species relationships. As there hasn't been an addition to the races that rule the counsel for nearly a century(until the human race finally found its wings) a seat in the counsel in vital in the survival of the human race, due to the threat of space pirates and tribal warlords that the Galactic Order can provide protection from.

-- So here I am, one of the few that work to give the human recognition in a mass of races far outside the realm of imagination. Yet my job seems a bit ordinary, despite the flesh eating rugsparns that live in the bottom drawer of my work desk, or my slightly-transparent partner in crime-fighting, the lovely Siren, Xsil'Yana, who dresses moderately in appropriate attire and uses a range of rather unorthodox weapons, even the Chief of the office, or Grag-splain, in the Xsilxn language of Sundermoon, gives his rants in a foul language that originated from a filthy swamp planet doesn't bother me anymore.

-- And with everything going on, at the end of the day I'm just making a living.

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