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Honestly I have no idea where I was going with the Coldgate Series. I still have some thoughts on that and will more than likely come back to it. My baby though, my child of many years, Dark Wood, is being laid aside in favor of going way way back, and world building. I'm going to start not just a series, but a saga. It's safe to say you won't be seeing much of anything for that particular writing any time soon.

Weekly Update: Jan 30th-Feb 5th

1) Type: vignette for an original character

Rating: K

Pairing: N/A

Progress: 75% finished

2) Type: fanfiction (posted on and AO3)

Fandom: Hetalia

Rating: MA

Pairing: Arthur Kirkland x Francis Bonnefoy

Progress: chapter 3/3 0% finished

3) Type: fanfiction (posted on and AO3)

Fandom: Homestuck

Rating: MA - E(explicit)

Pairing: Multiple

Progress: 43/43 chapters plotted with tbc ending 100% finished

4) Type: fanfiction (posted on and AO3)

Fandom: Hetalia

Rating: MA

Pairing: Gilbert Beilschmidt x Ludwig Beilschmidt

Progress: 3/3 chapters plotted with tbc ending 100% finished

About me:

Name: I would prefer Luka

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Gender: Nonbinary/Genderfluid

Language: Only American English currently, although I am actively learning Spanish (Spain). I hope to post a few primitive Spanish drabbles at some point.

Religion/Belief: Christian - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS)

Hair color: Red

Height: 5'1.75" (156.85 cm)

Educational Info:

High School: Westerville South

College: Ohio University - Athens; Columbus State Community College: Westerville and Gahanna regional campuses - working for summer GE credits to transfer back

Major(s): English with a focus in creative writing


Favorite Colors: Black, Crimson, Cerulean, Violet, Jade, and Mint

Sexual Orientations: As a Grey Asexual I am demisexual and bisexual.

Romantic Orientations: biromantic (Without discussing how sexual things make me feel I'll say that I could fall in love with either sex with or without sexual things)

Likes: spicy food, coffee, chocolate, rice, marching band, writing, reading, anime (a type of Japanese animation), manga (the comic book form of anime, read from right to left), my friends, my mom, sleep, music, animals, travelling, yaoi, fanfiction, sexy and/or sweet pairings, intense anime battles, ancient/world history, roller coasters and shopping.

Dislikes: sweet and squishy blueberries, American croissants, people who don’t march in time, people who don’t have their music memorized, people who don’t even play an instrument yet say marching band isn’t a sport, immature people, annoying people, SasukexKarin, Karin in general, Dora the Explorer, getting cat hair all over my black clothes, animal abusers, people who say that God hates gays, liberals who don’t check their facts, people who don’t know what they’re talking about, people who insult Christianity, Atheists and Agnostics that try to interpret the Bible on their own and think they know everything about a religion they don’t believe in and won’t listen to someone who actually knows better than them (that’s right, me), odd numbers except for multiples of five, and things that should be perfectly straight or aligned with each other but aren't

Proud citizen of the US, regardless of what I think of my government and what other people think about us. I live in Ohio, which is a lot more interesting than people think.

On my mom's side, I'm German and Prussian, with just a touch of Danish. On my dad's side, I'm a whole mixture of things, but for the most part I'm German, Scottish and English. There's a touch of Cherokee Native American, as well as Swedish on that side.

I'm a Capricorn. I have one tattoo, but intend to get more. The current focus, however, is piercings. But before that I need a job. I love to write, it's my life. I also love Naruto, Hetalia, Homestuck, Psycho-Pass, and lots of other things. I've been exploring the world of BDSM, and intend to get some books on submissiveness. I like to cook and bake, and I like to watch war movies. My favorite right now is Tajemnica Westerplatte, but I also love Schindler's List and Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I like music a lot, and not just one specific type. I'm majoring in English, specifically creative writing. Not sure what my minor will be, though. I'm going to try to get an internship this summer, though :)

What I write is. Uh. Yeah. I guess I do a lot of fantasy. Mixed in with other stuff. Hm. I'm pretty heavily influenced by Tolkien, but then... like I said the fantasy is mixed in with a lot of other things... Like traditional lore, and also my love of history, and my need for everything to make sense. So for everything to make sense, there's an element of science, since I don't like things happening because magic,. That's dumb. Uh. Yeah. I also enjoy writing people from a psychological standpoint. So there's always an element of psychology. Er as for romance, I like things to be sprinkled in with care, not just relationships everywhere just because, and everything has to be realistic. But I like to make it angsty, I have to say. I also like to make things... very disturbing. I'll just leave it at that. Oh and action is fun, and often necessary. So this is a lot of what I write.

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A Vignette - II
An introspective piece about another original characterr by the name of Gabhran. They are nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. The second vignette in my little series of OC vignettes. Also, technically I guess this is fantasy or something, since my chara isn't human... but that isn't even really mentioned.
Fiction: General - Rated: K - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 249 - Published: 1/23/2017
A Vignette - I reviews
A short vignette for one of my original characters, Zephyr Hailtwist. The first of an unnumbered few to come. I'm just trying to flex my writing muscles as I've not written anything for a while. As such, feedback would be appreciated. Rated T for language.
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Because He Said So reviews
A man nearly loses his fight for sanity. To his best friend's horror, this man is forced by both outward and inward coercion to join a cult to take up his rightful place as a servant of evil. (So okay here's the thing: if blood or psychological stuff bothers you, please don't read this, okay?) The epilogue isn't all that scary, it just sets up the series. 1 in Coldgate City Series
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